Fortnite’s Rainbow Royale is also a DC crossover

Rainbow Royale, a pride celebration inside of Fortnite, is now also a DC crossover as comic character Dreamer will also appear in festivities.

Ace reporter by day and inspiring Super Hero by night, Nia Nal — a.k.a. Dreamer from the DC universe  — is dreamwalking her way into Fortnite! Dreamer has the ability to channel powerful dream energy and see visions of the future — no one stands in her way as she literally lives her dream and strives to protect the world from the foreseen dangers of the future!” reads the announcement.

As part of the crossover and Rainbow Royale, there’s also the Dreamer Cup. This takes the format of other cups held in the game where players in each region can compete to top the leaderboards and unlock the Dreamer skin before it appears in the Item Shop. This event takes place on 6th September.

Speaking of the Item Shop it can be visited to grab a slew of free items – everything you see here – and, outside of these, Play Your Way Quests can be completed to unlock these items including the Kaleido-Crusher Pickaxe.

As for the Rainbow Royale itself, that’s already live and will run until 16th September.

Players can explore the Rainbow Crossroads which has activities like a photobooth and several minigames like kart racing to unlock even more cosmetics. The Rainbow Crossroads will also have various Easter Eggs related to Dreamer.

“Jump on board the Rainbow Royale Battle Bus and join us as we celebrate love, understanding, acceptance, and all of the colors that make up the Fortnite community. Rainbow Royale returns to celebrate our LGBTQIA+ community… Rainbow Royale’s not just happening in Fortnite. Starting September 5th head over to the Epic Games Store to discover specially curated games that have been selected for the festivities,” the announcement continues.

Finally there’s Rainbow Radio starting on 8th September that will play a variety of artists from the LGBTQIA+ community including Lil Nas X, Lady Gaga, Janelle Monáe and more.

After the massive Dragon Ball crossover recently this looks like yet another slew of unique content that can only be experienced in this game.


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