OnlyFans’ 2mil creators made a collective $4 bil in 2021

While it may bill itself as a platform for any sort of creator to ply their trade, OnlyFans has become the destination for independent explicit adult content creators.

Despite nearly shooting itself in the foot last year by almost banning adult content, the platform saw massive gains in 2021.

The firm released its financials for 2021 and creators earned big. As The Guardian reports, OnlyFans is home to 2.1 million creators and 188 million fans. These fans helped creators earn $4 billion in 2021.

The most staggering number however is in OnlyFans’ pre-tax profits. The BBC reports that in 2020 pre-tax profits sat at $61 million but by 2021, these had grown to $433 million. This was seemingly pushed along by a 128 percent increase in the number of fans on the website.

Curiously however, OnlyFans only saw a 34 percent rise in the number of creators during that same period. There is very clearly an appetite for the service OnlyFans is providing and fans are very willing to open their wallets.

Of course that all depends on the creator and the content they offer to those fans. While the top creators earn millions through OnlyFans, finding how much the average person could stand to make is tricky. While OnlyFans does provide a tool to give creators an idea of how much they’d make, that tool assumes you have 1 000 followers from the off and that one to five percent of those followers are willing to pay $4.99 per month.

As mentioned, OnlyFans isn’t solely for adult content but it has become a de-facto hub for independent performers looking to make some money.

The platform is not without it’s problems but, it is seemingly only becoming more and more popular. No wonder Twitter considered launching a similar solution.

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