htxt.africast – SA gearing up to fully embrace crypto

Yes it’s nearly the end of October and as we near the close of 2022, the africast is back this week to discuss a rather significant announcement.

This as the South African government and regulators prepare for the official adoption of cryptocurrency in the country, but before that happens there are several different permutations to consider, not to mention the administrative hurdles that such a move would require.

Before we delve into that, however, we round up some of the top news stories from the past week.

Here we kick off things with a review of Gotham Knights. While not linked to the iconic Batman: Arkham series, we could not help but compare the two properties, with Gotham Knights simply not on the same level, whether that be in terms of storytelling or gameplay.

Next is the ongoing saga between Elon Musk and Twitter. A deal for the former to purchase the latter looks set to happen, with a deadline of 28th October being outlined, but the latest development could see Musk fire as much as 75 percent of staff from the social media platform.

Last for news it is Netflix, which has reported a surprisingly solid quarterly report. The more interesting aspect to this new though, is that the company has revealed more plans to get people to pay for accounts and limit the amount of account sharing that happens on the streaming platform.

As for the main topic, we look at some of the literature contained with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority’s (FSCA) gazetted draft. We also focus on what the potential applications for crypto could be locally, and whether there will be an uptick in buying once these regulations are put in place.

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