LEGO Eiffel Tower, Hulkbuster arrive in South Africa

  • Both LEGO sets are some of the biggest the company has ever made. 
  • South African pricing and availability has now been revealed. 
  • Several large LEGO sets are also on steep discount in the country. 

South African LEGO fans with deep pockets should pay attention to the fact that two behemoths have arrived in the country recently.

10307: Eiffel Tower and 76210: Hulkbuster have had their pricing and availability revealed by Great Yellow Brick, the licence holder of the official LEGO stores in South Africa, which recently opened its fifth physical location.

In South Africa, Great Yellow Brick usually gets sets first and this is the case for both as the Eiffel Tower and Hulkbuster are exclusives to this store for the time being. This may change in a few months but for now you will need to go through them to get either one.

The keys details of each set can be found below. Another aspect of Great Yellow Brick is that its pricing is the de facto for the country, and can be considered the RRP in South Africa.

In terms of pricing, before you get sticker shock below, keep in mind the very high prices on both sets to reflect the sizes. The Euro pricing is usually used as the base for South Africa and the Eiffel Tower is €629.99 while the Hulkbuster is €549.99. At the time of publication these prices convert to ~R11 340 and ~R9 900 respectively.

This means that both sets are actually priced compared to what they are paying in Europe.

10307: Eiffel Tower

  • Price: R10 999,
  • Piece count: 10 001,
  • Size (height X width X depth): 149 X 57 X 57 centimetres,
  • Availability: Launches 25th November,
  • Store link: [Click here].

76210: Hulkbuster

  • Price: R8 799,
  • Piece count: 4 049,
  • Size (height X width X depth): 52 X 47 X 24 centimetres,
  • Availability: In stores and online right now,
  • Store link: [Click here].

For those who want to see more of each set we can recommend some videos. The Eiffel Tower is the newer of the two so public reviews aren’t available just yet, but the great channel RacingBrick has a hands-on preview of the set.

This video gives you lots of good views of the set but, as you can see from our header image above, this is a truly impressive piece standing almost 1.5 metres tall. That isn’t a trick photograph or anything like that – this LEGO set truly stands on par with the height of many adults.

The Hulkbuster has been available overseas for a while now so international reviews are available. Our recommendation is for a review from Tiago Catarino here, a YouTuber who used to be employed by LEGO as a designer on sets, giving his coverage an extra dimension that other channels can’t offer.

Other huge LEGO sets receive local discounts

Lastly from Great Yellow Brick we have to mention that they have discounted several of their other expensive sets as part of Black Friday.

While Black Friday is only next week the company has, like many others in the country, made this sale available beforehand.

This is the cheapest pricing we have seen on these larger sets, but, for those who don’t want to spend absolutely all their money on LEGO this holiday season, many other smaller sets are also on sale here.

10276: Colosseum

  • Regular price: R9 499,
  • Discounted price: R6 649.30,
  • Piece count: 9 036,
  • Size (height X width X depth): 27 X 52 X 59 centimetres,
  • Store link: [Click here].

75313: Star Wars AT-AT

  • Regular price: R14 999,
  • Discounted price: R10 499.30,
  • Piece count: 6 785,
  • Size (height X width X depth): 62 X 24 X 69 centimetres,
  • Store link: [Click here].

75313: Star Wars Republic Gunship

  • Regular price: R6 799,
  • Discounted price: R4 759.30,
  • Piece count: 3 292,
  • Size (height X width X depth): 33 X 74 X 68 centimetres,
  • Store link: [Click here].

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