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Is Rasputin returning to Destiny 2’s story in Season 19?

  • Destiny 2’s final season of the year kicks off next week and players have no idea what awaits.
  • There are several hints which suggest Rasputin will return to the Destiny universe.
  • The developer has also hinted that Xivu Arath may be a focus in Season 19, suggesting that the Hive will form a central part of the season.

The final season in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen launches next week and once again, Bungie is playing its cards regarding the theme and the story of the season close to its chest.

While this is frustrating for players, it does help to build a bit of hype around the season and stoke the player base into jumping back into the game.

In this week’s This Week At Bungie post, the developer made mention of something that had us wondering if Rasputin is making a return to the Destiny storyline.

Rasputin is an artificial intelligence designed to protect humanity in the Destiny 2 universe. The character formed a central part of the Warmind expansion and Season of the Worthy before it was killed of at the start of Season of Arrivals in 2020.

As we said, this week’s weekly blog from Bungie mentions Seraph Rounds making a return to the weapon perk pool. This magazine perk grants bullets the ability to bounce off of hard surfaces and was only available on IKELOS weapons which are exclusively associated with Rasputin.

There have also been Seraph Sweeper bot spotted in the newly renovated Eliksni quarter adding to the fuel that Rasputin will return.

Then there is this weeks cutscene which was recently uploaded to YouTube. This video features the description, “As the threat of Xivu Arath looms, Mithrax has taken time to study the secrets of Nezarec’s relics.”

There is a lot to unpack here so let’s start.

We know that Savathun fears Xivu Arath and doesn’t want to be beholden to the Darkness anymore. We also know that Rasputin was located on Mars, the same planet Savathun parked her ship on during The Witch Queen expansion.

The possibility exists then that Savathun’s Ghost, Immaru – which escaped in The Witch Queen – has been working to bring Rasputin back as a way to defend against Xivu Arath’s forces or target Earth and the Last City to retrieve Savathun’s body.

The cutscene above also mentioned that there is something on Neptune that Savathun fears. Perhaps this macguffin can also eliminate Xivu Arath. We’re sure there will be betrayal because, well, Savathun is involved.

Of course this is just us putting pieces together in a way that makes sense. The idea of Guardians teaming up with Savathun may seem bizarre but we disagree. All year players have been told that Savathun doesn’t want to side with the Witness and having been shown that the Darkness lied to the Hive, perhaps a truce is on the cards. In addition, players have established alliances with Cabal and Eliksni factions so, why not the Hive?

This is the final season of the year and having the story go full circle back to Savathun and her family, especially with Kings Fall back in the game sounds like something that could really happen.

Thankfully we won’t have to wait long to see if our theory holds any water. The next season in Destiny 2 kicks off on 6th December and aside from the mention of Seraph Rounds, there is sweet nothing to go on.

Before then be sure to claim your rewards from Season of Plunder before they disappear.

If anything. we’ll just be happy to hear Oded Fehr’s voicing Osiris again.


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