Destiny 2 Warmind – A chore on all fronts

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On Saturday I had a choice – play Destiny 2 or do the dishes.

While you’d think I wouldn’t jump at the chance to do chores you would be correct, so long as the chore you’re referring to is Destiny 2.

Last week the second expansion for Destiny 2 – Warmind – was released and, while it might have breathed new life into the game for some, it hasn’t done a damn thing for me.

The expansion brings with it new raids, new public events, new weapon skins, new exotics and a new public event.

Warmind kicks off on Mars where guardian Ana Bray is on the trail of Rasputin, “the single most powerful weapon in the solar system”.

So, after months of not touching Destiny I fired the game up and decided to start with the first new story mission on Mars –  Ice and Shadow.

The thing is, I was way too weak to even consider that mission and after dying over and over I decided to go back to other areas and do some grinding for new gear.

After two hours I had the recommended power level to attempt the mission and breezed through it in a few minutes. Cool.

The second mission loaded up and once again it was hell incarnate – pumping solar grenades and ammunition onto enemies to no end.

I defeated the “boss” and went in search of my reward. Truth be told I forget what my reward was because it was terrible compared to the gear I was already using.

Not only was I disappointed, I was angry but I didn’t realise how angry I was until I looked for the third mission in Warmind.

Remembering Bray mentioned the EDZ I opened up the Director and looked for the mission.

“Off-World Recovery” was there in the EDZ but, what was this, recommended power score of 330? After spending two hours grinding to hit a power score of 310 to do the first three missions I was now staring down the barrel of having to do yet more grinding just do the next mission and earn a reward.

With the prospect of having to grind some more just to access another mission with a terrible reward, I shut the game down and decided to do some more chores around the house instead.

At least Destiny 2 is pretty.

When I first started playing Destiny 2 I felt like an outsider. The first game never released on PC and I didn’t own a console so I was forced to look on in envy at those that did.

When Destiny 2 released I jumped at the chance to play it.

Thing is, I had no idea what I was getting into and the game did a terrible job of explaining the basics for the folks that never played the first game. Who was the dude Ghaul had captured? What was the Traveller? What in the good name of Jörmangandr is a Guardian actually?

I bring this up because not explaining things made it very difficult to form an attachment to this game. For all I knew I was just travelling through the Milky Way clearing out insects so humans could repopulate new planets.

This happens in Warmind again. We meet Bray who apparently knows the other Guardians, we are introduced to Rasputin which has apparently been around since The Collapse and all the other Guardians seem to know about it.

For those screaming at the screen that “story doesn’t matter”, I might agree with you, but we’re talking about the base story, the reason this game exists. Perhaps Bungie shouldn’t assume everybody loves their game and pours over the lore between grinding sessions.

As for the grinding, it all feels very pointless when you’re doing it alone and that sucks because the parts where you’re grinding to improve your power level take up more time than actually doing the mission you’re trying to power up for.

For all the improvements Bungie has made to the game it doesn’t feel any different to the game I played in late December.

Even loading into the game I struggled to find what was new aside from a splash screen which explains that Warmind is now live – thanks game. Players are seemingly made to seek that information out on their own rather than explaining what is new or what updates are in effect.

Destiny 2 then is a case of twice bitten, thrice shy. Farewell Destiny, I’m done with you now.


Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz writes news, reviews, and opinion pieces for Hypertext. His interests include SMEs, innovation on the African continent, cybersecurity, blockchain, games, geek culture and YouTube.