Latest PS5 update lets you help new players without even realising it

  • Sony has updated its Game Help feature with a new system that automatically uploads your gameplay sequences when you complete certain events in-game.
  • These sequences will be used by other players to aid their experiences as a way to get hints and tips.
  • You can opt-in to take part in the feature, and it won’t cost you any storage space.

The latest update to the software of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) brings improved system performance and an upgrade to the Game Help feature introduced in 2020. Initially, this system was aimed at helping gamers, while in game, to access hints, tips and walkthrough videos in an instant without having to leave the game.

This ensures that your players don’t drop your console if they get too frustrated or annoyed at failing again and again at the same problems in different games. In March, PlayStation updated the system by expanding the library tips, hints and videos with player-generated content.

Now a month later that update has landed for PS5 players, with the Community Game Help feature now live. Interestingly, it is all done automatically.

“When the enhanced Game Help experience featuring content from the community launches, Game Help will be available to all PS5 players, with or without a PlayStation Plus subscription. In supported games, PS5 players will be able to contribute their gameplay, view hints from fellow gamers, or access Game Help hints created by developers,” Sony says in a blog post.

“Game developers can also continue to create their own hint videos, as seen in popular titles available today like The Last of Us Part II Remastered and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2,” it adds.

Choose where you are having an issue in-game to get helpful hints.

Right now only certain games like Granblue Fantasy: Relink and Stellar Blade have Game Help support.

When you opt into the programme, your PS5 will automatically capture certain points in your gameplay, like if you complete a particularly difficult fight. This fight will then be included in the Community Game Help for other players to see how it is done, but not before it is reviewed by a moderator to make sure you didn’t cheat.

Other players will then be able to watch these videos to get tips and they can rate them. Sony says you will receive a notification only when a video is published in Game Help. Sony says that once the videos are uploaded they will be removed from your console, so the system won’t impact internal space.

Players will receive a notification when their gameplay is published.

On top of that, only raw gameplay is recorded so any input such as audio from a microphone or webcam will not make the video for others to see or hear. However, your video can include online IDs or chat messages depending on what game you’re playing.

To opt in to provide videos for Community Help after the latest update, simply go on your PS5 system software, and navigate to [Captures & Broadcasts] > [Captures] > [Auto Captures] > [Community Game Help], then select [Participate].

Game Help is also available on the PlayStation smartphone app if you don’t feel like navigating to it while in-game, Sony says.


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