EA’s FC24 headlines May 2024 PS Plus games

  • A new month means new games for PS Plus subscribers, and this month Sony wants to make an impact.
  • EA Sports FC 24 is the headlining title, the latest title in the former FIFA series.
  • May 2024 also comes with a first-person cyberpunk slasher, a beautiful indie adventure titles and a Destiny 2 expansion.

Starting 7th May, the latest PlayStation (PS) Plus monthly games arrive for PlayStation players, and Sony is pumping its May lineup with heavy hitters, perhaps as the last few months have been disappointments in terms of titles.

The May 2024 lineup is headlined by EA FC24, the latest title in EA’s football series, the once-named FIFA games. Despite losing the branding, this game revels in the same formula as all the other FIFA games of the past. In our review, we said that a lack of innovation in FC24 means that it is the same old, same old.

But fans of the FIFA games will enjoy being able to get into this title for the price of their monthly PS Plus subscription, so there’s that at least.

“With more than 19,000 fully licensed players, 700 teams, and 30 leagues including the men’s and women’s UEFA Champions League, EA Sports FC 24 brings unrivalled authenticity to the pitch,” Sony says of the latest headliner for PS Plus in a blog post.

But there are other names for May 2024 that may be a bit more exciting for non-FIFA fans.

This includes Ghostrunner 2, a post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk-flavoured first-person action game. Here you play as a Cyber Ninja, and you speedily and stylishly slash your way through your enemies in a bid to do as much damage to them without getting damaged yourself.

The gimmick of this game: get hit and it’s over, but the same goes for your opponents.

“Fight through enemies without taking damage yourself. But in this sequel, there are numerous combat improvements, non-linear levels with complex motorbike sections and exciting new modes. Your new skills allow you to be more creative and take on even the most demanding encounters with greater accessibility… however, your foes behave uniquely depending on the skills used on them, providing a fresh challenge with each encounter,” Sony explains.

The indie game for May 2024 in the PS Plus lineup is the beautiful TUNIC. An isometric sprawling adventure with RPG-like action combat and abilities coupled with puzzles and wide-ranging exploration.

In TUNIC, you will be able to discover, “hidden treasures and secret techniques to help you on your way. Clash with colossal beasts and smaller enemies deep beneath the earth, high above the clouds and in places stranger still.”

Combat takes a page from the Soulsborne book, as you dodge, block, parry and time your strikes precisely so you can conquer your foes. There are also items to collect on your journey, like missing manuage pages that feature hints and original full-colour illustrations.

In an unusual twist, the last game set for the May 2024 PS Plus lineup is actually an expansion pack, and you will require the original base game to play. This is Destiny 2: Lightfall. This is the second-latest expansion for Destiny 2, with the latest being The Final Shape.

With Lightfall, you can “Arm yourself with new rewards and unlock new Dark powers with the new Strand subclass: flow through the city with newfound speed as you grapple from building to building.”

Unfortunately, in our review of Lightfall, we noted that while some of the gameplay changes are welcome, its storyline left us wanting.

Sony always wants players to know that 6th May will be the last change they will have to download and keep the PS Plus titles from April, which includes Immortals of Aveum. Players are also able to download and keep the EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team Starter Pack DLC.

This DLC comes with 11 untradeable players rated 82 or above, alongside “one of football’s all-time greats as an ICON Loan Player Pick for seven games.” Once downloaded, the bundle’s contents will be available in-game in FC24 immediately.


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