“Slim line” PlayStation 5 now available in South Africa

  • The PlayStation 5 Slim is now available in South Africa.
  • The console has the same hardware as the original PS5 but is around 30 smaller and 18 percent lighter.
  • It is available at a wide range of retailers and starts at around R14 000.

The anticipated “Slim” version of the PlayStation 5, which is smaller than the original console, is now available in South Africa. The PlayStation 5 Slim was expected to launch locally in April, and now according to the official PlayStation South Africa account on X, it has landed as of Friday 5th April.

The device has launched and is available in a wide-range of retailers, including BT Games, Checkers Hyper, Computer Mania, Game, Makro, HiFi Corp, Hirsch, House and Home, Incredible, Toys R Us and more. The console is also for sale online through Takealot,, Koodoo, and through FNB with eBucks.

It is being sold at a similar price to the original console, starting at R13 999.99, according to PlayStation South Africa. That’s the same price is the one listed on Takealot, but this particular one only starts shipping on 12th April 2024.

Similar to the slimline PlayStation 2, the PlayStation 5 Slim shrinks the original console with all performance and graphical abilities into a smaller chassis. According to Sony, it is about 30 percent smaller than the original and weighs 18 percent less.

The Slim can also be positioned with a stand, but that has to be purchased separately.

In February, the PlayStation Portal launched in South Africa, so this is the second major launch by Sony in terms of local gaming this year. The company is reportedly working on a “Pro” version of the PS5, similar to the PS4 Pro, which will have upgraded hardware and performance capabilities.

One expected highlight of the upcoming PS5 Pro is a form of AI-powered processing that allows the console to squeeze out even more frames per second, but nothing about the device has yet to be officially confirmed.

We do understand, however, that it is likely to launch during the Christmas holidays ahead of the 2025 release of Grand Theft Auto 6.

[Image – PlayStation SA on X]


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