Twitter will default to last viewed timeline on desktop, with mobile change on the way

  • Earlier this month Twitter rolled out a dual timeline feature that showed accounts you were following and a For You timeline.
  • The latter appeared as the default, irking many users on the platform.
  • Now Twitter has made a change to the system, but limited it to the web-based version of the app for now.

Twitter is struggling to nail down its new features of late. In recent months its Twitter Blue and checkmark system has been changed multiple times, and in January the introduction of a For You feed via a new dual timeline has proved highly irksome for many users.

This as the feature is set to For You by default, with many people preferring to see the timeline of accounts they follow, rather than the algorithm-based For You feed.

Now Twitter is changing things once again, although not for all ecosystems, as it has updated the dual timeline feature to default where a user last left it. As such, if you were on the For You feed before leaving the app, you will return their once you check out the timeline again, and vice versa for the Following feed.

While this change will be welcome, it is limited to the web-based desktop version of Twitter for now, with iOS and Android devices set to receive it later, although a specific timeframe has not been mentioned by the social media platform.

Whether Twitter will look to ditch the dual timeline altogether remains to be seen, but as we have seen with Twitter Blue and checkmarks, Musk and co. look happy to stay the course regardless of many users it rubs the wrong way.

Having two timelines also doubles the opportunities to place adverts and promoted tweets too, and as we have seen in recent months, Musk is looking at any and all avenues in order to make the platform a revenue generator.

This probably won’t be the last time that the dual timeline is fiddled with by the company, but the fail fast startup approach may not be the best for an established social media platform like Twitter.

[Image – Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash]


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