SPEEDRUN – Burning flag riles up South Africans

The Democratic Alliance released a new advert in its election campaign this week and it went down about as well as a shot of hot needles. The political party has had to field immense criticism after South Africans saw the advert which features the country’s flag in flames. While not an illegal act (the burning also looks digital) the advert has sparked fresh criticism for the DA ahead of the elections later this month.

Google has moved to ban advertising that promotes deepfake porn sites and apps from its search results. Accounts that create these ads will be banned from 30th May onwards. While good news, we should point out that Google is one of the companies pushing ahead with AI development without any real laws or regulations in place.

Finally, Sony got a taste of managed democracy after it announced that Helldivers 2 players would have to create a PSN account. This effectively blocked players in some countries from accessing the game they’d been playing for months. The change was walked back after the game’s Steam page was bombed with negative reviews.


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