HP reveals new desktop lineup led by the Z8 Fury workstation

  • HP has announced a new lineup of Z-branded workstations as its latest performance desktop offerings.
  • The lineup includes the Z8 Fury G5, which can be configured with up to a 56-core CPU, four double-wide GPUs, and 2TB of storage.
  • HP is calling the Z8 Fury the “world’s most advanced data science workstation”.

HP has made a series of announcements regarding its Z-branded high performance desktop workstations today, with a few new additions to the lineup being revealed. In said lineup is a new Z8 Fury offering, which HP has christened as the “world’s most advanced data science workstation”.

As such, the company is clearly aiming these Z models at engineers and scientists.

There are four new models in all, with the aforementioned Fury iteration being the highest specced of the lot.

“The complex workflows in industries spanning media and entertainment, data science, and engineering mean increased time pressure and the need for more compute power to deliver faster results. They also highlight a need to iterate with remote teams and push creative boundaries to deliver more accurate results. The new Z by HP Z4, Z6, Z8, and Z8 Fury desktops, powered by Intel, deliver the scalable balance of CPU and GPU compute needed to fuel new levels of speed, accuracy, and creativity,” noted HP in a press release sent to Hypertext about today’s announcements.

“Z by HP is dedicated to delivering the best possible computing experience to fuel new levels of speed, accuracy, and creativity. HP’s design engineering, together with the power of Intel and NVIDIA, provide the performance, scalability, and security our customers require to meet their evolving needs,” added Jim Nottingham, VP and GM for Z by HP.

Looking a bit closer at what is on offer here, the new Z desktop workstations include up to a 56-core CPU, as well as capacity for four high-end GPUs on the Z8 Fury G5 model (pictured below).

HP adds that the Z8 Fury G5 can also be specced with up to 2TB of DDR5 memory, which when coupled with an Intel Xeon W9-3495X and for Nvidia GPUs can be put to use for complex deep learning, virtual production, and VFX, according to the company.

The non-Fury iteration is not shy on power either, with this dual-socket workstation designed to utilise 4th Gen Intel Xeon processors, with up to 64 system cores. It also supports two high-end graphics cards, and up to 1TB of DDR5 memory.

As for the rest of the new arrivals, the Z4 G5 serves up to a 24-core CPU, two high-end GPUs, and up to 512GB of RAM. The Z6 G5 rounds out the lineup from HP and features an increased PCIe expandability for the latest Intel Xeon W-3400 processors. There are also up to 36 processing cores, space for three high-end graphics cards, and 1TB of DDR5 memory.

Local availability and pricing for the new Z by HP workstations have not been shared at the time of writing, but the devices are already up for pre-order Stateside. They will not be cheap when they land in SA, so while we await those details, watch HP throw the Z8 Fury out of an aeroplane in the video below.


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