Microsoft wants to supercharge Bing with faster version of ChatGPT

  • A new report suggests Microsoft may look to use a faster version of ChatGPT to improve the capabilities of its Bing search platform.
  • This could give Microsoft a search tool powerful enough to compete with Google.
  • It’s also not the only area where Microsoft is planning to integrate the OpenAI tool into its digital products.

It is no secret that Microsoft and OpenAI are looking to deepen their partnership, after the former announced a sizeable investment in the latter, with ChatGPT being central to those plans. In a recent report from Semafor, those plans could also involve a way to improve the capabilities of Microsoft Bing, which lags far behind Google in terms of popular search platforms.

The report suggests Microsoft is looking to use a faster version of the AI tool, named ChatGPT-4 in order to supercharge Bing, both speeding up how quickly search queries are answered, as well as offering a few added features akin to what Google’s platform currently does.

Sources have also told Semafor that GPT-4 offers more humanlike responses, which of course opens up avenues to improve other Microsoft tools like Cortana, which too is lagging in popularity behind other digital assistants.

TechCrunch reached out to Microsoft to comment on the report, but the company did not do so, which of course only serves to further stoke the fires around this rumour.

The report finally notes that we could see this integration within the next few weeks, which suggests this has been in the works for some time now. This is also not the only Microsoft application to receive a boost from ChatGPT, with Teams recently adding it to its Premium subscription offering.

Access to this updated version of Teams will cost users $7 a month from June, before rising to $10 a month in July this year. It will create a ChatGPT presence on Teams calls to assist with jotting down notes, taking minutes, creating meeting templates, and more. As such, it could prove a handy resource, but whether people are willing to pay to use it is another issue altogether.

Either way, it looks like Microsoft is betting big on OpenAI and ChatGPT, but whether it will be enough to help Bing supplant Google in terms of search, remains to be seen.

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