Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League reportedly delayed again

  • Reports suggest the launch of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been delayed until “later this year”.
  • Warner Bros. and Rocksteady are yet to confirm the delay, with the site for the game still listing 26th May as its launch date.
  • The delay is said to be the result of some last minute big fixes, but core gameplay will remain untouched.

Last month at the latest State of Play event from PlayStation, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was the main focus, with co-op gameplay footage and more story for the title being revealed. It also received a launch date of 26th May, but now that could not come to fruition.

This as Bloomberg (paywall) reports that the release of the game has been delayed.

At the time of writing, neither publisher Warner Bros. nor developer Rocksteady have officially commented on the report. The landing page for the game also has a banner with the 26th May 2023 date as its intended release, so it remains to be seen if the delay is indeed true.

As for why the delay is being reported, closes source to the matter have told Bloomberg that it has come about in order, “to fix bugs and improve aspects of the game that were lagging behind.” The same sources also note that the team at Rocksteady, “won’t overhaul many of the core gameplay that had led to the backlash.”

Regarding the latter, we like a lot of people, were surprised by the nature of the gameplay, which felt more like a Fortnite title than an Arkham one. There was also some conjecture about the mechanics of gameplay, with the footage seen below really focusing on stopping waves of grunts and lesser enemies.

As such, it is unclear whether Kill the Justice League will offer more when the game actually releases. For right now, outside of cut scenes, there is not much to excite us.

Once a delay is officially announced, if at all, we will update this story.


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