Acer’s online store gets an update but exhibits teething problems

  • Acer has relaunched its online store and there are a few rough edges.
  • We spotted a spelling error and a few UI problems that users may face when browsing the new website on desktop or mobile.
  • The re-design launches along side a limited offer on orders over R5 999.

This morning Acer announced that it had updated its Shopacer online store.

The update comes as a celebration of the success of the store according to Acer Online Account manager, Verusha Joseph.

“The response to Shopacer has been incredible, and we want to thank all our loyal South African supporters for choosing Acer as their preferred brand,” Joseph wrote in a press release.

“To celebrate that success, we’ve refreshed the site with an updated look, new features and even more choice, with the added bonus of free delivery and in-house support. We’re very excited with the launch of Shopacer 2.0, and we look forward to seeing what our customers think,” the account manager wrote.

The press release directs us to experience the new site at the Shopacer URL and so we followed it and since Joseph said she looked forward to hearing what customers think, we’re going to share our thoughts.

Of course we hovered over the Gaming section first and, oh dear, a spelling error.

We suppose these notebooks could be used as a video editing machine so maybe it’s intentional?

Thankfully this error is only in the menu so it’s an easy fix, but not a good look for a new website.

There are other oddities, however.

For one the image preview box that highlights which thumbnail you’re viewing overlaps with other images in the carousel. Clicking on an image to enlarge it also take you to an entirely new page – or what looks like one – with no on-screen prompt to return to the product page. On desktop you can just hit the ESC key, but on mobile you have to go back which takes you all the way back to the product page.

Which image is being highlighted?

Hopefully Acer can address these minor problems quickly. While the website isn’t unusable, it would be nice to have things look a bit nicer from a user interface stand point. Buttons to minimise the image viewer would be a nice addition for instance.

As you can see in the screenshots, spending R5 999 or more will get you R2 000 off of your order using code Acer2.0, but this code can only be used by 20 customers so if you need a new notebook or projector, it’s a nice discount.

The website then needs a bit of honing, but it works and in our experience, shopping with Acer locally is a joy so hopefully that experience hasn’t changed.


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