New details of the live-action Fallout series leak

  • A Reddit user has leaked a bunch of new images from the set of the upcoming live action Fallout series from Amazon.
  • Official information has been hard to come by so fans have been hanging on every picture and rumour they can get.
  • The pictures show off a brand new company invented just for the series and some other aesthetics choices.

A user on Reddit has posted several clandestine images and a video from the set of the live-action Fallout series that will release on Amazon Prime Video, adding to the existing user-found content that has been circulating online.

Produced by the same people that made Westworld, official information of the Fallout TV series has been difficult to come by. Amazon released a teaser image on the 25th Anniversary of the Fallout universe last year, showing off the iconic opening of a vault door. Other than that and pictures users have taken from sets, we know nothing about the plot of the show, who the characters are or what period of Fallout the show hopes to depict.

We know the cast, it will start Walton Goggins (The Righteous Gemstones) and Ella Purnell (Yellowjackets) and that it will launch on Amazon Prime Video at some point in 2024. In March, Goggins said he wrapped his filming of the show.

From pictures taken at sets, we know that something happens at a Super Duper Mart and that the series will keep some of the aesthetics of the games, with abandoned nuclear-powered cars present.

New images from Reddit user PrinceTheCat show off the famous Vault-Tec logo in an area filled with derelict buildings, as well as more abandoned cars from the 50s-inspired hyper-capitalistic future of Fallout, and a van that has a logo that reads “Hawthorne Medical Laboratories, a Division of Vault-Tec Corporation.”

The pictures seem to be taken from a building right on top of where the show is being filmed, with camera operators, gaffers and actors in the shot.

It seems that Hawthorne is a brand new company invented just for the series, as it doesn’t appear in any Fallout game, from as far back as the late 90s. It may feature prominantly in the plot since it was made up just for the Amazon series. What is strange, however, is that the van looks like a modern, real-world vehicle.

In the Fallout universe, aesthetics from the American 50s and 60s were maintained deep into the future, as far as the 2070s. The van looks well out of place. Some fans on Reddit have reacted negatively to the modern van.

The games have lengthy in-depth lore, and a ravenous cult of die-hard fans that will seek to protect it, so Amazon and Kilter Films have a serious challenge ahead in order to make as many fans as happy as they can.

Another interesting item of info from the leaked images, is that of an actor wielding a modified pistol of some sort. Initially it looked like one of the pipe pistols introduced in Fallout 4, but on closer inspection, it is probably a scoped magnum revolver.

This might seem trivial, but there is a schism in the Fallout community between adherents to the older games, which had weapons that were more realistic, aside from plasma rifles and laser guns, and the Bethesda games, which have weapons that were designed with Fallout aesthetics in mind.

The revolver could point to a dip into the former, which could make some Fallout boomers quite happy, even though Bethesda is confirmed to be working on the show alongside Amazon in some capacity.

[Image – Amazon (via u/PrinceTheCat on Reddit)


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