Disney+ tapping into 90s nostalgia with live-action Gargoyles project

  • The Hollywood Reporter says a live-action Gargoyles show is coming to Disney+.
  • The company has asked Gary Dauberman and James Wan to helm the project.
  • The 90s cartoon is currently available to stream on Disney+.

If the TV was your surrogate caretaker during the 90s, you likely remember shows like Biker Mice from Mars, SWAT Kats, and Gargoyles. Seemingly seeking to tap into that 90s cartoon nostalgia is Disney+, which is looking to bring a live-action Gargoyles show to its platform sometime in the near future.

This according to an exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter (THR) which notes that Disney has secured the services of Gary Dauberman and James Wan for the project. The pair worked on the wildly successful Annabelle series of horror films, with Wan also directing the two recent Aquaman movies.

As such, they both have a fairly impressive resume, and their background in horror is rather interesting given Gargoyles was one of the more intense kids shows back in the 90s.

While it remains to be seen what direction the series will take, the world that was created between the animated show’s three-year run on television is rich in terms of lore, and well worth mining for expansion.

“Based on the cult classic Disney animated series, Goliath is the last of a heroic race of gargoyle warriors who once lived among mankind. Free from a centuries long curse that turned him into stone, Goliath struggles to solve the mystery of his past while watching over modern-day New York City alongside police detective Elisa Maza,” a description of the upcoming project explains.

As such, we could see it veer slightly from the 90s cartoon, focusing solely on the leader Goliath. This would make sense too, given the budget to create a cast of hulking CGI monsters will likely be high.

Either way it will be interesting to see what the efforts yield, especially as Netflix has shown just how hit or miss its live-action adaptations have gone of late, with Cowboy Bebop and One Piece being night and day in terms of audience reception.

For now, no definitive timeframe or window has been mentioned for when the live-action series will arrive on Disney+.


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