Infobip launches customer experience solution powered by ChatGPT

  • Infobip has announced Experiences, a new solution that uses ChatGPT to offer more personalised responses to customer queries.
  • Experiences can be trained on a company’s data in order to offer customers accurate and relevant responses.
  • The solution will launch in Brazil before spreading to other countries.

With artificial intelligence the technology du jour, it’s not surprising to see it popping up in an ever-growing list of products and services. Case in point, Infobip has announced the launch of a new product that leverages OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Infobip Experiences is that product and it will arrive locally in the coming months after an initial launch in Brazil. Initially available for WhatsApp, Experiences will use ChatGPT to introduce more “human and personalised” interactions with customers when using a firm’s chatbot.

According to Infobip, this technology will be able to offer the correct tone of voice while also offering a comprehensive conversation.

“The ease of use and implementation is another differentiator. With Infobip Experiences, configuration can be done in minutes, and the omnichannel experience allows you to engage with customers on various chat and traditional conversation applications. Although we are first starting with WhatsApp, Experiences will be built upon Infobip’s unique omnichannel expertise and be channel agnostic. Other OTT channels like Viber, RCS, and Apple Business Messenger will follow, supported by traditional channels like SMS and Email for notification,” chief business officer at Infobip, Ivan Ostojic wrote in a press release.

Chief business officer at Infobip, Ivan Ostojic. Image – Provided.

In order to train Experiences, businesses will need to provide data with which the solution can be trained. From there, a business can define the message style that Experiences will use to suit the business’ tone. Should the bot be unable to assist a customer, they can be directed to a human agent.

Infobip reports that while 68 percent of people prefer making contact and purchasing products via messaging apps, 75 percent of those people don’t enjoy the frustration chatbots can often create. Infobip reckons that employing AI can solve that particular pain point.

“Companies should invest in a system that brings them closer to their target audience and exceeds their expectations. Brazil is a market very receptive to new technologies, making it perfect for implementing Infobip Experiences. Using a system that brings the customer closer to the company is a necessary business strategy capable of generating consistent results. People need to feel that the company cares about their demands and knows how to address them, both in terms of sales and support for other matters. This will improve even more the relationship among brands and their customers, leveraging the CX” Ostojic wrote.

If your business is looking to add Experiences to your customer’s journey head to the official website here.


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