What Now? with Trevor Noah lands on Spotify on 9th November

  • Trevor Noah’s upcoming podcast on Spotify now has a launch date, with it set to arrive on 9th November.
  • What Now? with Trevor Noah will feature in-depth interviews with entertainers, CEOs, actors, athletes, and thought leaders.
  • It is a wholly original Spotify podcast, but will be accessible via other streaming platforms.

In June of this year, Trevor Noah confirmed what one of the new projects he would be embarking on after announcing his departure from The Daily Show, with the comedian set to host an original podcast on Spotify later in 2023.

We now know when the podcast will be available on the platform, as the first episode of What Now? with Trevor Noah is set to launch on 9th November.

“Hear Trevor Noah in a way you’ve never heard him before. ‘What Now? with Trevor Noah’ is a show where in each episode Trevor will go deep with a special guest, including entertainers, CEOs, actors, athletes, and thought leaders. These are the kind of conversations that happen behind the scenes, full of radical candor, authentic back-and-forths, and honest reactions, with Trevor bringing to bear his classic, effortlessly playful and equally probing style,” reads a description of the format of the podcast.

It’s unclear how many episodes Trevor Noah is planning for his first season, but given the comedians popularity both in South Africa and abroad, we would not be surprised to see the podcast climb to the top of the most listened to podcasts in a relatively short amount of time.

You will be able to listen to the first official episode of Noah’s podcast when it drops on Spotify here, with it also being available to stream on other platforms, the company explained.

We’ve also embedded an interview between Noah and Spotify CEO Daniel Ek below, to serve as an amuse-bouche for what’s to come.


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