LEGO South Africa offering triple loyalty points for Cyber Monday

  • Loyalty points for the Brick Rewards programme are tripled for Cyber Monday.
  • A free set based on Galileo Galilei is available for spending R2 500.
  • The triple points can be combined with already discounted sets (but not the free gift).

Great Yellow Brick – the online platform for the physical LEGO stores in South Africa – has announced its deals for Cyber Monday with triple points and a new Gift With Purchase (GWP) acting as the main draws.

The loyalty system at Great Yellow Brick is the Brick Rewards Programme. Every Rand you spend earns you a point and these points can be redeemed for “Cash Back Rewards”, which are essentially vouchers that reduce the price of new purchases.

Cash Back Rewards work out to a five percent saving. The cheapest of these is 5 000 points exchanged for a R250 Cash Back. While you can spend more points to get a bigger Cash Back, they all work out to five percent.

This means that for Cyber Monday, triple points will save you 15 percent. As always shop around before making any purchases as you may find a better deal elsewhere, even with triple points active. Check out our definitive guide for buying LEGO in South Africa for more on that. Just remember that Great Yellow Brick has many exclusive sets that you can only buy there. If you want an exclusive now is likely the best time to act.

That being said points aren’t just for Cash Backs. You can also redeem points to get certain rewards. These rewards change often and are usually only available in stores. These are unlocked at the 5 000 and 10 000 point thresholds. While you will need to go into stores to get these the Cyber Monday offerings are only available online.

On top of triple points, Great Yellow Brick has also rolled out a new GWP, which is 40595: Tribute to Galileo Galilei you can see above.

This set has 307 pieces and depicts the famous polymath in a small office. You will need to spend R2 500 to get this set added to your order for free.

Great Yellow Brick states in their newsletter that this set is valued at R499. As you can’t simply buy this set outright, this value doesn’t mean much. On the second hand marketplace Bricklink, the set sells for around R516 on average for a new and sealed copy. It’s not always that a claimed value for a GWP, and the second-hand community value are so close, but that is the case here. As a reminder for Bricklink users, you should definitely change your password after a recent breach that the platform suffered.

Another reminder is on sales from Great Yellow Brick. The sales tab has quite a lot of decent discounts right now and sale items also get triple points. Items on sale do not, however, contribute towards the GWP threshold. To unlock a GWP from Great Yellow Brick, every cent of the threshold value needs to be accounted for on full price items.

Our last piece of buying advice is that triple points and the GWP both count towards pre-order items. The Avengers Tower, Dune Ornithopter and Natural History Museum modular are all up for pre-order right now.

This article has focused only on the Cyber Monday LEGO sale from Great Yellow Brick. It seems that Cyber Monday isn’t as popular for other LEGO retailers and general toy stores. That being said we took a look around and some of these businesses are still running their Black Friday sales which we featured here.


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