MTN’s Gauteng network set for 100% loadshedding resiliency

  • MTN says its Gauteng network resilience rollout is currently at 99.91 percent.
  • The network operator has been making sizeable investments to ensure the stability and availability of its network during loadshedding.
  • It also has a total of 965 5G sites up and running in the region.

In 2023 we have seen a number of South African companies make sizeable investments in order to combat the impact of loadshedding, with none more so than the likes of MTN. Those investments are now seeing dividends, as the network operator says that its currently resilience rollout in the Gauteng region is sitting at 99.91 percent.

MTN notes that its Gauteng network sites are now achieving between 95 percent and 98 percent network availability daily in terms of resilience, and it is on course to reach 100 percent soon.

More specifically the end of November, according to Keith Tukei, MTN SA general manager for the Gauteng Region (pictured above).

“Network resilience is critical as it helps minimise the impact of disruptions and in turn ensures people can stay connected and economies can continue to flourish. We are very pleased with the progress we are making in Gauteng to achieving 100% resilience and ensuring we bring the benefits of the modern connected world to more people,” he enthuses in a release sent to Hypertext.

The GM says security and protection of its sites remains a key concern, coupled with the return of loadshedding to the country in recent weeks.

“We have, however, had productive discussions with the police and community policing to show them the building blocks of a site and the type of vandalism we experience. We are also working to educate communities about how vandalised sites affect their area and how they can proactively help,” he shares. 

Tukei also pointed out the progress that MTN is making on thr 5G front. Here the network operator has deployed 59 new 5G sites in the province during 2023, taking the total to 965 sites in the region.

“New rollouts took place in Joburg Central, Joburg East, Parktown, Krugersdorp, Vanderbijlpark, Boksburg, Heidelburg, and Sandton,” it confirms.

“We continue to modernise sites in the region and plan to add more in 2023. We are also rolling out nine new sites in underserved areas this year. This will enhance access, capacity and drive quality,” adds Tukei. 

Acutely aware of the fact that a significant portion of South Africa’s population lives in rural areas, MTN says it is committed to expanding its network to underserved communities. “MTN SA aims to achieve 95% rural broadband coverage by 2025,” the release concludes.

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