Three new free PS Plus games for November 2023

  • Mafia II Definitive Edition, Dragon Ball: The Breakers and Aliens Fireteam Elite are the free games heading to PS Plus subscribers this month.
  • Last month saw subscribers welcome Calisto Protocol, Farming Simulator 22 and Weird West, which can still be downloaded until 6th November 2023.
  • The November PS Plus lineup will become available from 7th November 2023 for the PS4 and PS5.

A new month means a new lineup of no-extra charge games becoming available to subscribers of PlayStation (PS) Plus, and this month looks to be an interesting one.

Last month, Farming Simulator 22 turned out to be the surprise standout of the lineup, with a number of people playing the game popping up on social media.

October also saw PlayStation faithful treated to the Dead Space-like Calisto Protocol and the isometric RPG from Develvor Digital, Weird West.

These three titles will be available for free download until 6th November, so time is running out to get them into your library.

As for today, November 2023 is headlined by crime-fuelled action adventure Mafia II, and rounded out by Dragon Ball: The Breakers and Aliens Fireteam Elite.

All three games are available for the PlayStation 4, while only Aliens Fireteam Elite also available on PlayStation 5. These games will be available to download by PS Plus subscribers from 7th November 2023.

Sony is making you an offer you can’t refuse with Mafia II.

PS Plus is bringing the “Definitive Edition” which means a remastered package with all available content in HD graphics. PlayStation says in a blog post this is the “first time ever” that this version of the game is being released.

Hit the mandolin as you live the life of a mafia gangster during the golden age of organised crime. You play as Vito Scaletta, returning from war, only to become entangled in the seedy underbelly of New York.

A wide-open Grand Theft Auto-style cityscape awaits you where you complete missions, shoot your rivals and steal period automobiles. A few hours into this game will have you telling your loved ones not to ever ask about your business.

Coming up on its first anniversary is a Dragon Ball game that has flown under the radar somewhat. Dragon Ball: The Breakers is a new take on the classic Dragon Ball Z fighter experience. Here you will play in a team of 7 “ordinary citizens” – your own created characters – as you try to survive the attack of a super-power Dragon Ball villain, such as Cell, Frieza, Buu and now Broly.

You can also play as the villains themselves to hunt down and destroy the other players. Basically, its a Dragon Ball Z version of Dead by Daylight but instead of a dark and dour campsite, you have the entire Namek to run from the villain.

Rounding out the lineup for November is the third-person team shooter, Aliens Fireteam Elite. Join a three-marine team, either with players online or bots, to explore and eliminate the xenomorph threat infesting a space colony.

Choose your own class and compose your marine however you want, including choosing different weapons and from over 130 different perks to fine-tune your build. You will need all the help you can get to defeat all the different breeds and strains of xenomorphs you will find, including Prowlers and Spitters.

Hunker down and fight, or bug out and call it even.

[Image – Sony]


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