vCampus is an online platform that allows creators to share their knowledge

  • Local social enterprise company Think Tank has announced the launch of vCampus.
  • The new digital learning platform is designed to assist both content creators and learners when it comes to knowledge sharing and skills development.
  • The platform also facilitates content hosting, marketing, and a revenue-based compensation model. 

If you are an educator or content creator wanting to share your knowledge, or a learner wanting to develop your skills in a specific field, local social enterprise company Think Tank has announced the launch of a new digital learning platform called vCampus.

Think Tank describes vCampus as being designed, “to cater to individuals, universities, and businesses across diverse industry verticals.”

To that end, it, “provides the intersection where digital technology meets the thirst for knowledge and skill enhancement. It offers a unique ecosystem for two essential roles: content creators and learners.”

When it comes to the former, the platform facilitates content hosting, marketing, and a revenue-based compensation model for content creators and educators. As for learners, they are given access to a wide library of content and educators to grow their skills in a variety of different industries, with learning happening at their own pace.

Unpacking some of the elements that make vCampus unique in the digital learning landscape, Think Tank notes that organisations can create a customised account, complete with their branding, turning the platform into a white-label learning solution for their employee training and upskilling.

“Think Tank collaborates with social media influencers, celebrities and learning organisations to ensure maximum visibility, exposure and engagement for the content creators and their courses on the vCampus,” the company adds in a press release sent to Hypertext.

“Organisations can partner with Think Tank to publish their existing courses on vCampus completely free of charge and share profits through a revenue-sharing model, providing a cost-effective way to reach a broader audience,” it continues regarding revenue sharing with creators/educators.

Think Tank states that “content meets minimum guidelines before approval,” with the platform featuring a certificate validation tool on its site, so it is advised to do a little bit of research on an educator/creator before purchasing access to a course.

That said, we have already that the likes of the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) have signed up for vCampus and created a profile.

Still in its infancy, it will be interesting to see how vCampus develops over the coming weeks and months.

“Our mission is to bridge gaps and enable learning that knows no boundaries. We invite everyone, from enterprises to individuals, to join this educational revolution, where learning is not just relevant but truly empowering,” says Tebogo Moleta, founder and MD of Think Tank

If you’re interested in this newly launched platform, and wish to find out more, you can check out early access here.

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