Vox improves capabilities with virtual datacentre infrastructure

  • Vox has outlined how it implemented a virtual datacentre solution for its benefit and the benefit of its customers.
  • Vox selected Nymbis Cloud Technologies to implement said solution.
  • The virtual cloud will help reduce costs and inefficiencies at the ISP.

The unsung heroes of the technology sector are the folks who maintain the infrastructure that the newest development runs on. When the likes of ChatGPT experience an influx of users, engineers and administrators work to ensure that your bytes get delivered.

The same goes for businesses. With Black Friday approaching and a long list of ecommerce platforms failing in the past, business owners will be looking to ensure they aren’t the target of the internet’s vitriol should their platform go down.

To assist businesses and its own operations, Vox has detailed an upgrade of sorts to its 3CX offering.

“We have our own datacentres, however, we required a solution that would allow us to spin up virtual machines according to spec at speed and sit within a virtual datacentre that has the ability to host all these virtual machines and provide backups on demand while reducing cost to company and improving overall efficiencies,” explains head of telephony at Vox, Natalie van der Merwe.

To that end, Vox selected Nymbis Cloud Technologies to address that need. The internet service provider says that Nymbis met its requirements for a solution that offered virtual machines which were easy to spin up while also prioritising security and speed.

“The solution provided by Nymbis ensures we can provide our customers with exceptional service, security and data visibility within a virtual environment built to be resilient and agile. It has transformed our speed of service delivery and provided us with the security, reliability and fail-over capabilities we need,” van der Merwe added.

The ISP says that working with Nymbis allowed for a seamless deployment that conformed to 3CX requirements. In addition, the solution will reduce costs and improve inefficiencies.

“It is important that the data stays here so we can provide our customers with quality service and the guarantee of data sovereignty. It was critical for us to partner with a local company as this really does ensure that our customers get the right quality when it comes to service and support,” the head of telephony added.

This is great news for businesses running on the 3CX platform provided by Vox. If this sounds like a solution your business can use, head here to find out more.


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