LG offers 2022 OLED TV owners another 5 years of webOS updates

  • LG has announced its webOS Re:New program that promises to keep 2022 TVs up to date until at least 2029.
  • LG OLED, OLED Flex, OLED Objet Collection Pose and QNED Mini LED 8K TVs from 2022 are eligible for the program.
  • The South Korean firm says it hopes to expand the update to more TV models in future.

One of the more irksome aspects of surrounding oneself with a menagerie of gadgets is that over time, the manufacturer stops providing software updates. The problem with this is you may start seeing more performance problems as the software being used goes out of date. Worse still, some apps could stop working altogether because the operating system hasn’t been updated in a few years.

Seemingly cognisant of the fact that folks hate replacing tech that works just fine aside from some software the manufacturer chooses not to update, LG has announced a new program to address this.

The webOS Re:New program promises to bring the latest webOS upgrades to LG OLED, OLED Flex, OLED Objet Collection Pose and QNED Mini LED 8K TVs from 2022. TVs in these lineups will receive updates to webOS until at least 2029.

This should not only help to keep apps and the like running smoothly throughout the TV’s lifespan, but it should help to keep the TV secure as well.

“Demonstrated by the constant improvement to the webOS platform’s UX and UI, LG is firmly dedicated to elevating convenience and security, ensuring that users benefit from a hassle-free and secure experience when using our products,” leader of the LG Home Entertainment Company’s Product Planning Division Baik Seon-pill said in a statement.

Encouragingly, LG says that it will extend this upgrade to more LG TVs worldwide in the future.

Not only is this great news for LG owners, but it also stands to reduce the amount of ewaste entering the environment.

In an era where tech CEOs would rather you buy a new product than the company continue to support or update that product to function in a more advanced era. LG is effectively extending the timespan that its products are functional and running apps as well as the day the user first switched the TV on.

For anybody with a 2022 LG OLED or QNED TV, be sure to check for a software update in your settings in the near future.


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