Bungie douses Into the Light with nostalgia

  • As part of the Into the Light content drop, The Whisper and Zero Hour Exotic missions and their respective weapons will be returning.
  • In addition, at the end of April, the Pantheon will arrive giving players access to a gauntlet of Raid bosses.
  • Bungie also revealed three new PvP maps arriving in Destiny 2 in May.

On Tuesday evening we discovered we were right, and also wrong, about the return of The Whisper secret mission to Destiny 2.

As Bungie revealed in a live stream, both The Whisper and Zero Hour will return to Destiny 2 with the Into the Light content drop on 9th April. Both missions will reward craftable versions of Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected respectably.

However, only The Whisper will be available from 9th April with Zero Hour arriving in May. This, says Bungie, will allow players to unlock the craftable versions of each of these weapons in their entirety before moving on to the next.

On that note, Bungie described these missions as having three parts – similar to Operation Seraph Shield – so you’ll want to complete each phase of the mission to unlock all rewards.

The developer says that it has changed a few things in these missions. For example, we saw a Brig in Zero Hour, an enemy unit that didn’t exist when the mission was originally introduced. Both missions also have a timer with the normal version of each mission giving players 40 minutes and the Legend 20 minutes to complete the objective.

Then, Bungie briefly mentioned a new mode in Pantheon which will see players “face grueling raid bosses in a weekly challenge, escalating difficulty and rewards”.

The details here are thin but by the sounds of it, players will face Raid bosses and potentially be able to earn Raid Exotics, weapons and gear from these encounters. With the return of The Whisper and Zero Hour, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility to see the return of Gahlran and Insurrection Prime as single encounters where players can earn the relevant Exotic weapon. Bungie could of course include current Raid bosses in the Pantheon as well.

The Pantheon is set to arrive on 30th April.

The developer also revealed three new PvP maps set on Europa, Neomuna and a Pyramid ship terraformed by the Traveler. The maps are designed around 3v3 engagements but do have other modes in mind. Players will be able to play Crucible matches on these maps in a special mode at launch.

So then, the timeline of events is as follows:

  • 9th April – Onslaught arrives as does The Whisper
  • 30th April – All Brave Weapons are unlocked and The Pantheon arrives
  • May – Zero Hour arrives. Date to be confirmed
  • May – PvP Map Pack arrives
  • 4th June – The Final Shape launches

All Into the Light content will be free to all players.

The Final Shape is the finale to the Destiny story of Light versus Dark. While Bungie has plans to continue telling a story in Destiny 2 once that story wraps up, many – ourselves included – are of the opinion that the game’s player base won’t hang around to find out what that is.

With that having been said, Destiny 2 has an allure unlike any other game we’ve played and if there is a good enough reason to shoot space magic at aliens, you can be assured that players will stick around.

Bungie will host a showcase of The Final Shape on 9th April at 18:30 SAST. Here’s hoping the developer can sustain the hype it built with the Into the Light streams it hosted over the last three weeks.

Destiny 2 player numbers for 2024. Source – SteamCharts

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