ESET launches new security product for SMEs

  • ESET South Africa has launched a new security solution specifically for SOHOs.
  • ESET Small Business Security is tailored to help SOHOs secure their environments through anti-theft and anti-phishing protections.
  • ESET Small Business Security also features an unlimited VPN.

Small business owners should take cybercrime a lot more seriously, but the price of protection can get rather costly.

To that end, security software maker ESET has launched a new product for small or home offices (SOHO). That product is ESET Small Business Security (ESBS) and according to the chief executive officer of ESET South Africa, Carey van Vlaanderen, it’s a powerful, affordable solution for SOHOs.

The features of the solution include protection for banking, anti-theft for devices, anti-phishing protections, and data protection. ESBS also includes an unlimited VPN that helps preserve anonymity.

“Testament to ESET’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to supporting the growth and security of SOHO businesses globally, the solution can support from five to 25 devices (depending on the country). It offers an array of features tailored to safeguard online transactions and browsing, secure devices, manage passwords, protect Windows servers, encrypt sensitive data, and counter phishing scams,” van Vlaanderen, pictured, explains.

The goal of this software is to make cybersecurity far easier for small business owners to manage. With one solution, a business or office can secure most of its resources and infrastructure. Of course, we should point out that best security solutions is one that makes use of multiple vendors and solutions. There is no silver bullet in the world of cybersecurity but ESBS looks like a good starting point.

A subscription to ESBS costs R1 469 per year which allows you to secure up to five devices. If you require protection for more devices, ESET has solutions for larger small business you can shop for here.

Small business owners are in a peculiar spot when it comes to cybercrime. Many business owners may wrongly believe that cybercriminals have no interest in attacking them.

Earlier this year Sophos explained how foolish that thinking is in its 2024 Threat Report. In that report Sophos highlighted that 75 percent of customer incident response cases were for small businesses.

This makes sense as in terms of the potential targets, there are far more small businesses with lax security than there are multi-national corporations. Why spend months crafting an attack when you could target hundreds of smaller businesses for the same or a larger payday.

For small businesses then, ESBS looks to be a good solution and the price is also rather agreeable.


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