Fallout season 2 announced: what we could expect next

  • Fallout on Amazon Prime has been greenlit for a second season, just a week after its release.
  • The show quickly leapt to the top series on the streaming platform and received rave reviews.
  • With the stinger at the end of the first season, we think we may know where the second season is going.

Thanks to its obsessive adherence to the source material, especially the latest games from Bethesda Softworks, its utter nailing of the atmosphere and energetic scriptwriting, Fallout rocketed to the top of all series on Amazon Prime and just a week after premiering has already been renewed for a second season.

The show also prompted enormous engagement online, with conversations and trending topics across social media since its release. Fans of the games watched the show and then went back to the games the series originates from, prompting a wave of returns that sent Fallout titles to the top of Steam charts.

Bethesda seemingly knew that the series would give players that Fallout itch so it sneakily released a free update for Fallout 4 as the series launched on Amazon Prime. The update brought new performance mode and quality mode settings for next-gen consoles, as well as stability fixes.

The update also brings a new quest to the game where players will have to stop remnants of the Enclave.

Fallout on Prime stars Ella Purnell as vault dweller Lucy McClean, Aaron Moten as the Brotherhood of Steel recruit Maximus, and the fantastic Walton Goggins as the nameless Ghoul. Much of the series was shot in Namibia, especially the desert sequences, but for the second series, Variety reports that it will return to be shot in California.

In fact, the production company is set to receive $25 million in tax credits by relocating the shooting to the US.

As for what we can expect in the next season: the first season covers a lot of ground, and has easter eggs galore for fans of the games. The season’s ending sets up the second season in part, and its possible primary location, which is a primary location seen in Fallout: New Vegas.

Despite what die-hard fans of New Vegas want to believe, with controversy surrounding the Prime series for its treatment of Shady Sands and the New California Republic, the showrunners made clear references to the lore introduced by Obsidian Entertainment in its turn of the series.

No doubt the second season will enter new ground in the Ghoul’s backstory, as well as his previous involvement with Vault Tec, which received a big deal revelation. We can’t say for sure what the second season’s story will be, but it may start with Lucy and the Ghoul surviving across the Nevada Desert.

What we would like to see coming into season 2 for Fallout are some more mutant enemies from the games, like Mirelurks, more giant bugs like Radscorpions, the big bads of the series in Deathclaws, more feral ghouls and some real raider gangs, the kind that enjoy pain and eating people.

What else? Perhaps we will get to see what happened to Caesar’s Legion? The vast army of slavers from the Colorado that once attempted to conquer California. Perhaps we will get to see a Synth from the Institute in Boston, or even better – we got to see a brief glimpse of one’s hand in the Enclave facility in the second episode – but Super Mutants have yet to show their big green faces in the live-action show.

Now that we know that Amazon can do Fallout justice, we are overhyped to see where Fallout on Prime goes next for season 2. Unfortunately, no release date has been set for the second season as of yet, and filming has yet to begin but we could probably expect it in a few years from now, perhaps 2026 or 2027.


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