HMD finally reveals its first Nokia-free phones

  • HMD has just revealed its first non-Nokia branded smartphones.
  • Called HMD Pulse, three new smartphones have been revealed.
  • Starting with the base HMD Pulse, and ending with the Pulse Pro, each of the three devices differs in its specifications and pricing.

After renaming its brand to just HMD, the manufacturer has gone ahead with launching a set of new smartphones away from the Nokia brand it has been known for. These new models, three of them, are set to be affordable low-rangers known as “HMD Pulse”.

Or rather, HMD Pulse is the base model, with each model offering different levels of hardware, but all three use the same chipset in the Unisoc T606. All three models also have the same LCD displays. These are 720p+ screens, with 90hz refresh rates.

All three also come with a 5 000mAh battery, which is par for the course when it comes to smartphones these days.

The main differentiator between the three versions of the Pulse, are the cameras, and the RAM and storage specifications. The base model has a 13MP main shooter, with an 8MP selfie cam. Meanwhile, the more expensive Pulse+ comes with a 50MP main camera, and the Pulse Pro has a 50MP main cam, and 50MP selfie cam, with a 2MP depth sensor on the back as well.

In terms of RAM, the base model comes with either 4GB or 6GB and 64GB storage space. The upgraded Pulse+ ships with 8GB RAM, and 128GB of built-in storage, with the Pulse Pro coming with the same specifications.

The three devices in the HMD Pulse line.

No word yet when the devices, or if, they will come to South Africa. The HMD Pulse and Pulse+ are already available in international markets like countries in Europe, while the Pulse Pro is still slated as “coming soon.”

The launch of the Pulse line follows a few months after the company launched three new Nokia devices at MWC 23. Still under its “HMD Global” moniker at the time, it saw the Nokia G22, C32 and C22 launched to international markets.

These three devices are now available in South Africa, so chances are high that the Pulse lineup will eventually make its way to local stores as the country is a haven for affordable phones.

Right now the HMD Pulse line starts at €140 for the base, and €160 for the Pulse+ with the pricing for the Pro still not revealed.


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