Just launched: The vivo V30 5G is now available in South Africa

Just a few days ago we told you to mark 18th April in your calendars as the vivo V30 5G was set to launch in South Africa. Now the day is here and this innovative phone is finally available for all.

Let’s get into the specs first before we delve into the specifics. This is what you’ll find inside the vivo V30 5G:

  • Platform: Funtouch OS 14 based on Android 14,
  • Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 3,
  • RAM: 12GB expandable to 24GB,
  • Storage: 512GB,
  • Screen: 6.78 inches | 2800X1260 | 120Hz | AMOLED,
  • Back camera array: 50MP OIS + 50MP + 2MP,
  • Selfie camera: 50MP AF,
  • Lighting: Aura Light with dual colour temperature + Standard flash,
  • Battery: 5000 mAh,
  • Charger (included): 80W FlashCharge.

Reading through that list you may have already spotted some real highlights already, such as the latest version of Android, an extremely powerful chipset and, curiously, expandable RAM.

The vivo V30 5G ships with 12GB of RAM which is already a huge amount that can handle multitasking, even for those of us who really love having endless browser tabs and apps open at the same time. Those who want more can use some of that generous 512GB of regular storage to expand their RAM by another 12GB.

24GB of RAM used to be the realm of laptops and desktop computers, but you can now have it in your pocket.

The next surprise is that screen. AMOLED is the king of display tech offering the truest colours and the darkest blacks, but you may enjoy creating content more than watching it here thanks to the truly heroic 50 MP selfie camera. As other companies are still shipping out expensive, new phones with selfie cameras in single digit megapixel counts, vivo has leapfrogged to give you one of the highest quality front-facing cameras in the business.

This commitment to camera perfection is seen too when you flip the phone around to find the impressive 50MP OIS + 50MP + 2MP camera array and, what’s this? We’ve given a new section in the specs to lighting? This is because the vivo V30 5G not only includes a standard phone flash, but also the new Aura Light, a special new kind of lighting that is similar to external lights that have become commonplace in phone photography. Instead of this being a separate item, vivo has built it right into the phone.

The Aura Light is packed with features such as Smart Aura Light for low light conditions, Distance-Sensitive Lighting that adjusts depending on the distance to the picture target, Smart Colour Temperature Adjustment and much more.

We really wouldn’t be surprised to see larger lighting features like the Aura Light appearing on more phones in the near future, but it’s here – today – on the vivo V30 5G.

Providing power for all this hardware is the huge 5 000mAh which is made to power through eight hours of gaming in PUBG or 13 hours of browsing Instagram or, alternatively, 16 full hours of streaming on YouTube.

When it comes time to charge you can use the included 80W FlashCharge charger, which can go from zero percent charge all the way back up to 100 in just 48 minutes. vivo is so confident in their battery and the safety of the high wattage FlashCharge that the company offers a battery replacement if your battery capacity is less than 80 percent within four years (1 460 calendar days from the date of activation).

The vivo V30 5G is available from leading local retailers and service providers from today where you can make your choice between Noble Black or Waving Aqua.


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