Musk’s X backs down from big bad Brazil

  • The X social media platform has backed down from a face-off against the Brazilian government that could have seen it banned in the South American nation.
  • Its lawyers have told Brazilian courts that it will do whatever Brazilian lawmakers want it to do.
  • This after the Supreme Court of Brazil ordered X to ban alleged hate speech accounts on the platform, an order which X owner Elon Musk called unconstitutional.

After an initial rebuttal of a court order to ban popular Brazilian accounts from X landed the Elon Musk-owned social network in hot water with authorities from the Latin American nation, including threats of being made inaccessible in Brazil, the platform now says it will do whatever the Brazilian government wants.

As per a report from Reuters, the social network’s lawyers told the Supreme Court of Brazil on Monday that it will comply with every ruling issued by the court or by Brazil’s top electoral court. The ruling comes from Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes who ordered X to block certain accounts.

“This judge has brazenly and repeatedly betrayed the constitution and people of Brazil,” Musk posted on the social network last week.

“He should resign or be impeached. Shame Alexandre. Shame,” he added, and also later on claimed that he would reverse all orders imposed by the Brazilian courts on X Brazil. In response to Musk, Moraes opened an inquiry into the dealings of the tech mogul for alleged obstruction of justice.

It is believed that the accounts the Brazilian Supreme Court was looking to ban include some that spread fake news and hate speech during the reign of President Jair Bolsonaro, the former president of the country and the political opposite of current President Lula da Silva.

If true, the banning of these accounts doesn’t entail a betrayal of the constitution as Musk pointed out, but rather the following of his own company’s terms of service.

The irate response from the billionaire could simply be a way for Musk to resist the rule of Da Silva, a left-leaning politician whose policies contradict Musk’s own right-wing ideologies, which he has publically spouted on X for some time.

According to France 24, Musk and Da Silva’s predecessor Bolsonaro were quite chummy, and Bolsonaro even gave Musk a medal for his “service to Brazil” in 2022.

Lawyers of X told the Brazilian courts that the platform has complied with all requests made of it.


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