SPEEDRUN – Ever forget a toupee in an Uber?

In one of the weirder stories we have covered in recent months, Uber detailed a wide array of lost items from riders in its now annual Lost & Found Index for 2024.

Among the myriad of peculiar items that people have either lost or forgotten in an Uber ride over the past 12 months are a frontal toupee, a jar of oysters, a fart sensor, a WWE championship belt, three feathers, and more.

If you thought Uber was only used for ferrying people to and from the airport, this list clearly shows that riders make use of the platform when making their way to all manner of activities.

Along with odd list from Uber, for this morning’s SPEEDRUN roundup we’re highlighting a local WhatsApp scam involving one of our journalists, the South African Reserve Bank looking for data scientists, a job initiative from Takealot and the Gauteng provincial government, and the launch of a new smartphone by vivo.

[Image – Photo by Lordhair Toupees on Unsplash]


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