War, war never changes, but the Fallout series release date has

  • Originally scheduled for release on 11th April, Fallout will now premiere on Prime Video on 10th April.
  • All episodes will be made available, allowing fans to binge the show.
  • Fallout tells an original story while still sticking to the timeline of the games.

The post-apocalyptic game series, Fallout, is arriving on Amazon Prime this week and as a treat, the show will be available one day earlier.

Originally scheduled for release on 11th April, all episode of the first season of Fallout will now launch on 10th April. That means you can binge-watch the show one day earlier. The change was announced on X via a video starring Walton Goggins.

Goggins stars in Fallout as a Ghoul named Cooper. Other stars include Ella Purnell who plays Lucy, the protagonist of the show, Aaron Moten as Maximus who is seemingly from the Brotherhood of Steel, and Kyle MacLachlan who plays Overseer Hank.

While comparisons have been drawn to Fallout 3, the story that will be told in the series is wholly original while still following the game’s timeline.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard is the show’s executive producer and given how long he has worked on this franchise, expectations are high. One might even say, expectations for Fallout are 16 times higher than for Fallout 76.

Some outlets were granted a preview of the show and the series looks to be having a positive reception from the limited reviews online.

“Even if you’re not a Fallout fan, it’s setting itself up to be a great series in its own right,” wrote Grant Taylor-Hill for Insider Gaming. It does appear as if reviewers were only given access to one episode.

Whether Fallout will continue a streak of good series based on video games is yet to be seen. The Last of Us was incredibly well received and we’re sure Amazon Studios is looking to repeat that success.

Prime Video is available in South Africa for R79 per month and aside from Fallout you can watch the recreation of Road House, the recently wrapped Invincible and a whole lot more including the original Road House. Prime Video is home to several reboots and remakes which we recently discussed in Geeks Love Lists.

Now really might be the best time to try out Prime Video.

[Image – Jojo Whilden/Prime Video]


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