Amazon is now looking to fill these jobs in South Africa

In a huge shakeup we’ve long been expecting in the local ecommerce landscape, Amazon has gone live with its online storefront in South Africa, and is now looking to fill certain jobs locally either at its headquarters in the Western Cape or at its data centre points in Gauteng.

The ecommerce giant launched Amazon South Africa last week in a rather quiet fashion after months of anticipation from local shoppers. While the initial impression wasn’t all that positive of the local Amazon storefront for us, we did put through a first-day order and we can tell you that despite some pricing oddities and technical hiccups, it is “mostly good.”

Now that Amazon has finally officially raised its flag in South Africa and is now issuing parcels to shoppers, the company is also looking for locals to fill certain positions at its offices and locations.

In total, Amazon has over 70 jobs available in South Africa at the time of writing. These positions are scattered between Johannesburg, Waterfall and Cape Town, with the majority being in the Western Cape as that is where the company is headquartered.

Many of the positions are new, and have been posted in the last two months but others have been available since last year, with the oldest from June 2023. You can find the list of all available Amazon jobs in South Africa here.

You can apply for all the jobs directly on the Amazon website, but will require an Amazon or Google account.

But we’ll break them down further for interest’s sake, and to start we’ll check out the jobs available in Gauteng, and since the province is the Mecca for data centres in the country and Amazon is a cloud pioneer, almost all positions in Gauteng are related to cloud computing.

With that being said, Amazon is looking for several Cloud Support Engineers, one senior applied scientist to work with AWS, and one Customer Solutions Manager in the province.

Its job listings in the Western Cape are different, and here we find work related to headquarters, including management positions, and work related to software development likely the Amazon storefront and local app, as well as cloud support engineers.

But there are also positions for logistics experts, and for people in management, especially in marketing and customer support. This makes sense, as local marketing experts and customer support persons would know how to market and deal with South Africans better than people from overseas.

In total, there are 72 available positions in the Western Cape.

The spread sees 39 job offers to work with Amazon Web Services, 13 to work with Amazon Retail, three in Amazon Student Programmes, two in Human Resources, two in legal, two in Marketplace, one in Amazon payments and one in Global Communications and Community Impact.

Every single position mentioned above is a full-time position.


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