How to watch tomorrow’s Google I/O 2024 keynote

  • Google is set to kick off its 2024 I/O developer conference tomorrow.
  • The opening keynote will take place at 19:00 South African time.
  • Google is expected to focus heavily on AI with its Gemini offering, but also detail Android 15, as well as a new foldable phone being rumoured.

This week is an important one for Google for a couple of reasons. Not only is Google I/O 2024 kicking off tomorrow on 14th May, but today OpenAI is also hosting its own event where the AI startup is expected to announce its rival search platform.

It’s unclear what an OpenAI search powered by ChatGPT would offer compared to Google’s version that extends over the entire internet, but many in the industry will be looking to the tech giant to answer this new challenger with fresh offerings of its own.

To that end, Alphabet (which owns Google) CEO Sundar Pichai will likely take the stage tomorrow night at 19:00 South African time to deliver the keynote for Google I/O 2024.

With that in mind, here’s how to tune in, as well as what to expect.

Regarding the former there is one of two ways – either on the dedicated I/O website, where you can set a reminder in your calendar to watch the both the Google and Developer keynotes, as well as register for the different tracks taking place at the live streamed event.

The other option is tuning in via the official Google YouTube channel, which already has a placeholder video and an option to set a reminder for when the keynote begins. We’ve also embedded that video below so you can return to this story at 19:00 to watch the live streamed keynote for yourself.

As for what is expected at Google I/O 2024, one of the certainties is Android 15, which the company will likely preview and share access with developers, before announcing when the general Android phone user can expect availability.

The other certainty is AI. Google has already been pouring a lot of effort into its Gemini platform, and will probably share how it is being integrated into some of its existing products, as well as what is in the offing. As Mashable points out, Apple has already announced plans to integrate ChatGPT into iOS, with discussions said to be in the works to do the same for Gemini.

There is also the capacity to make an AI suite of features more readily available on Android flagship phones. At the beginning of the year we saw Galaxy AI being a core focus of the experience on the S24 series, so more OEMs that Google works closely with should be eyeing greater Gemini integration on smartphones.

As for hardware, and sticking with smartphones, rumours suggest an updated version of the Pixel Fold could arrive at I/O 2024. Given that Pixel devices are not officially sold in South Africa (or anywhere else in Africa for that matter), it is difficult to get excited about product, but with Fitbit pulling out of the country recently, perhaps there is scope for Pixel wearables down the line?

Lastly, speaking of wearables, a new version of Wear OS is also expected at I/O this week, with Samsung reported to have another Galaxy Unpacked event on the cards for July/August this year, where its smartwatches will likely support the latest software from Google.


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