Huawei MateBook X Pro updated with flexible OLED display and ultralight body

  • Huawei has announced a 2024 refresh of its MateBook X Pro.
  • This new iteration features an ultralight 980g body, as well as a flexible OLED display.
  • The ultrabook also features two different Intel Ultra 9 processor options.

Last night Huawei hosted a global launch event for eight new devices and an app in Dubai as part of its first Innovative Product Launch for 2024. The event featured a number of flagship devices, including two updates to the company’s laptop portfolio as new iterations of MateBook X Pro and MateBook 14 were unveiled.

We’re focusing on the former for now as it is the latest ultrabook from the company and features some interesting elements that Windows laptop fans may be intrigued by. The first is an ultra lightweight body, with the 2024 MateBook X Pro only tipping the scales at 980g.

“The laptop body is built from magnesium alloy with a skin-soothing finish that makes it highly scratch and smudge-resistant,” added Huawei in a release shared with Hypertext.

On the night, Huawei took several opportunities to compare the refreshed MateBook X Pro to the latest models of MacBook, noting that it is thinner and lighter than what the Cupertino-based firm can muster.

It also pointed that its latest ultrabook is all better when it comes to power efficiency. Here it sports a 70Wh battery that supports 90W super charging which can yield two full hours of battery life from only 10 minutes of charging. This can naturally come in handy when access to plug points is limited.

Other notable aspects to the new ultrabook include a flexible OLED display, which is the first of its kind in a device that weighs less than a kg, according to Huawei. This screen is 14.2″ (3120×2080) offering that supports touch, has a 120Hz refresh rate, 1 000nits of peak brightness, and a 3:2 FullView aspect ratio.

Lastly, on the processor side of things Huawei has tapped up Intel to assist, with the MateBook X Pro featuring two flavours of the Intel Ultra 9 High-Performance lineup, although it remains to be seen which skews will be available in which regions.

As for the other newly updated laptop, the MateBook 14 is a more enterprise focused option of the two, but is still quite well appointed in terms of the refinements that Huawei has made to it. This includes slimming the body too, with this laptop weighing 1.31kg and 14.5mm thick design.

The MateBook 14 also features a few new additions, including a 2.8K OLED touchscreen display (2880×1920). The screen also supports Huawei’s 3rd Gen M-Pencil, which is slated to arrive in South Africa alongside the new MatePad 11.5″ S tablet that was unveiled on the night.

In terms of performance, the 2024 MateBook 14 also features Intel Ultra processors, although not from the High-Performance 9 family, as well as a large 70Wh battery that delivers up to 19 hours of video playback and supports 40W of super charging.

Lastly worth mentioning is that it will be available in a Green colour option, which we would describe as being more like a pale pistachio than vivid emerald that Huawei has used on past smartphones and laptops.

As for local pricing and availability, at the time of writing, Huawei Mobile South Africa has not disclosed those details, but has confirmed to Hypertext that both laptops are expected in the country during Q2 this year, potentially as early as June.


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