The MatePad 11.5″ S is Huawei’s new creator focused tablet

  • Huawei has a new tablet designed with creators in mind with the MatePad 11.5″ S.
  • The new device features a new generation of PaperMatte display that significantly reduces glare and delivers a more paper-like drawing experience.
  • Huawei has also launched a dedicated painting app – Go Paint – alongside the new tablet.

Among the flurry of announcements last night, Huawei and Apple debuted new tablets. The former featured alongside seven other new pieces of hardware, with the MatePad 11.5″ S being a device made specifically with creatives in mind.

To that end, many of the design elements and features of this tablet lend themselves to creative tasks.

The first is a new generation of PaperMatte display for the 11.5″ 2.K screen (2800 x1440) of this tablet. As the name would suggest, it is designed to offer a more realistic drawing experience for users, which is why it has been paired with the 3rd Gen M-Pencil stylus and the Go Paint app.

“The PaperMatte Display is meticulously crafted using a multi-layer nanoscale process. It minimises glare, emits soft, eye-friendly light, and reduces screen reflectivity to just 2%. The MatePad 11.5″S works perfectly with the HUAWEI M-Pencil (3rd generation) and HUAWEI Smart Magnetic Keyboard, both featuring NearLink technology,” the company explained in a release shared with Hypertext.

The latter is something that Huawei has been developing for the past three years, and is a free-to-use application that is limited to two devices at the time of writing. These are of course the new 11.5″ S and the MatePad 13.2″ that Huawei showcased late last year. Of the two, only the MatePad 11.5″ S is earmarked for launch in South Africa, although precise pricing and availability have not been detailed at this stage.

Looking at the rest of the tablet, it features a 3:2 aspect ration FullView display with a variable refresh rate that tops out at 144Hz. It also weighs 510g, has a metallic unibody, is 6.2mm thin, and boasts a large 8 800mAh battery.

With iPad dominating the tablet space for creators, it will be interesting to see whether the MatePad 11.5″ S will disrupt that.


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