Two ways to get a LEGO Lamborghini Countach right now

Just a few hours ago LEGO announced set 10337: Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole. This impressive display build has 1 506 pieces and costs $179.99, €179.00 or £159.99 depending on where you live (other currency RRPs not available yet) but even those with the pockets deep enough to afford it will need to wait until 1st July to pick it up.

But what if you don’t want to wait? We’re here to tell you today that there are two options for you to get a LEGO Countach in your life right now. One is much cheaper and official, while the other is on the pricier side and comes from the LEGO fan community.

The cheaper, official option

Released in March 2022, LEGO set 76908: Lamborghini Countach is part of the company’s Speed Champions theme. Speed Champions is much beloved in the community for pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished at this scale with LEGO, and the Countach is highly regarded in a sea of high regarded sets.

Modern Speed Champions cars are much smaller, however, with most of them being just eight studs wide. Because of this the Speed Champions Countach has only 262 pieces. This lower part count, thankfully, comes with a lower price. The RRP is $19.99, €24.99, £19.99 or R409. Part of this price is also a LEGO minifigure of a driver with a Lamborghini-branded jacket, a helmet and a wrench.

On top of this lower price, because this set has been out for a few years now, it is easy to find on sale from most places.

We bought this set at full price in 2022 and don’t regret it. It’s a great little desk display or play toy, if you already have some Speed Champions sets, it fits in perfectly with them.

We’ve seen some commenters say that they actually prefer the overall look of this smaller Countach, compared to the new and larger one. While we’re not going to say anyone’s opinion is wrong, this smaller and cheaper option is a fantastic toy in a vacuum that we highly recommend.

The more expensive, unofficial option

Before we talk about this option, we need to discuss Rebrickable and the concept of an alternate build, or “alt build”. Rebrickable is a LEGO site we love where members of the community can share their LEGO creations. While many sites already exist for that purpose, what makes Rebrickable different is the focus on replication.

To upload a build onto Rebrickable you need to provide a set of instructions so the community can build your creation too. Instructions can take the form of pictures, videos or even professional-looking PDFs that mimic LEGO’s own, made inside of the official free LEGO CAD software Studio. In addition to this, users can even become something akin to independent LEGO designers, by asking for a fee for their instructions.

Alt builds are an important pillar of Rebrickable. These are brand-new LEGO builds made using only the pieces from one set. For example, you can take the pieces from the Matt Reeves / Robert Pattinson Batmobile, and build the 1989 Batmobile instead, complete with steering, movable cockpit, popup guns and more.

For a less lateral alt build take a look at this moving Gundam made from an Airbus helicopter, this Optimus Prime that used to be a Ford Mustang or a “playable” flight yolk which was once a McLaren. We’ve even made our own in the past, such as a Star Wars X-Wing which used only the pieces from a Classic Space LEGO set.

With all of that in mind, we can now reveal that the Countach you see above, used to be a Porsche 911. LEGO set 10295: Porsche 911 was released in March 2021 with 1 458 pieces and a RRP of $169.99, €169.99, £149.99 or R3 199.

This set has been the donor for many amazing alt builds, including the above Countach from firas_legocars. This user is legendary in the Rebrickable community for their alt builds, and it is not even the first one that they have made for the Porsche 911. They have also made the BMW M1, Dodge Viper, Ford GT40, Chevrolet Corvette C3, Porsche 911 Turbo S and even another Lamborghini, this time the Murcielago SV.

firas_legocars’ Countach, however, is routinely one of the most popular alt builds on Rebrickable and a shining testament to the creativity and skill of the community.

To make this Countach all you need is a copy of set 10295: Porsche 911 and the instructions which are sold for $15.

For those keeping track at home, it will cost you $185 to make this build – $170 for the 911 and $15 for the instructions. This is a hair over the $180 of the official Countach releasing on 1st July, but that isn’t the full story.

Due to the fact that the 911 set has been out for so long, it’s easy to get it cheaper. Either look out for sales on new copies, or pick it up used for much less. You will need empty out all the pieces and have them at the ready to rebuild them into the Countach, so the used option looks even better as you get to take the set apart first.

For the price of the instructions, we have a discount too. We have actually bought from firas_legocars in the past, and we’re proud owners of the aforementioned Murcielago SV. firas_legocars is such a cool person that they will routinely send out discount codes to past customers, so they can buy and build new instructions.

Better yet, firas_legocars actually encourages owners of the code to share it with friends. It’s a bit parasocial, readers, but we consider you friends. Use code FAJ25OFF on the instructions page to get 25 percent off the Countach instructions here. Simply click on the green text reading “Have a coupon code?” and insert FAJ25OFF into the field. Act fast, however, as we’re not sure how long the code will be live.

For more on this Countach, we highly recommend checking out the ones made by the community already, by clicking here. At the time of writing, there are 207 pictures in the fan-made gallery, meaning that many people have already made their own Countach using the 911 donor and firas_legocars’ instructions.


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