Point, scroll & control – meet LG’s Magic Remote

You did it! You’ve finally bought a big-screen LG SUHD TV. It’s sleek. Smart. Curved. It even runs webOS 2.0… but what else is in the box? It’s easy to overlook a remote. They’re just buttons used to flick between channels or to program the main feature – your brilliant new TV. But then again, […]

Curved TVs – All The Better To See With

“It’s a gimmick.” “It can’t possible make a difference to your viewing experience.” “It won’t mount to my wall.” Curved TVs get a lot of slack. Sure, they look slick and somewhat futuristic, but consumers are perenially confused by the next big thing in screen technology. Why is a rounded display better than a regular […]

What is SUHD anyway?

Picking out a TV used to be about size. How big could you go? Could it fit into your wall unit or would you need to buy a separate stand? Today, consumers are bewildered by TV tech jargon. TVs are now Smart TVs that connect to the internet. You can also pick between plasma and […]