22nd February 2024 2:13 pm
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Torbjörn’s turret from Overwatch gets the 3D printed treatment

When we created our exhaustive list of 3D prints from Overwatch, there were a few glaring omissions – one of them being the turrets Torbjörn can create.

But the internet has provided and Funbie Studios has created one and put them up on Thingiverse where you can download it for free.

Sitting at 50 centimetres high, this is somewhere between a scale model and a life-size print.

Despite the large size the deisgn has been split into many parts so it can be made on most 3D printers. There’s a lot of construction that will need to be done after the fact (see the exploded view in the gallery below), and there’s paiting to be done, but it’s better than trying to create one out of thin air while and intelligent gorilla is trying to punch you like in a normal game of Overwatch.

More 3D printable designs:


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