23rd February 2024 4:38 am
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Small, sleek and versatile – the ASUS VivoMini UN45 Mini PC

The VivoMini UN45 mini PC from ASUS is an excellent example of a versatile barebones PC packed into an impressively small and affordable package. The main benefits of its design are its compact size, low cost, low power consumption, silent operation, and low cost.

It’s also quite a looker, sporting the gorgeous Zen-inspired concentric circle/brushed aluminium design that has helped give ASUS products a unique style of their own.

Under the hood

The UN45 is powered by a low-power (6W TDP) dual-core Intel Celeron processor, the N3150, which runs at 2.08GHz. Since the machine’s chassis is very compact, there is no room for discrete graphics cards so it relies instead on the Intel HD Graphics chip baked into the N3150’s design for its 4K-capable display duties.

Thanks to support for up to 16GB of DRR3L memory, you have a diminutive PC that can not only stream 4K video content and surf the internet comfortably, but one that can be put to work, too.

Storage-wise, the UN45 comes with a minimum of 32GB of M.2 SSD storage, with a maximum capacity of 128GB. ASUS also throws in 100GB of ASUS Webstorage, a cloud-based storage system for any data you need to hang on to without taking space on the system’s physical hard drive.

Smooth video streaming and excellent network performance is made possible by a gigabit Ethernet port and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The UN45 also supports Bluetooth V4.0, so you can sit on your couch and surf the internet completely wirelessly if you have the appropriate Bluetooth accessories.

And because it’s so stylish and operates completely silently, the UN45 won’t be out of place in living rooms. In fact, it’ll look right at home just about anywhere, even next to expensive entertainment systems.

Business tools included

For those looking for an inexpensive PC for business purposes, the UN45 offers ASUS Business Manager and the Remote Management Tool to help small business owners manage and maintain the system remotely.

The UN45 is also suited to point of sale functions, with support for legacy technologies like handheld barcode scanners and older monitors via its COM and DVI-D ports. Newer standards aren’t forgotten either, as it also offers USB 3.0 and 3.1 (Gen 1) ports, miniDisplayPort, and HDMI.


Better yet, it’s so small and light enough that it can be mounted out of sight behind any monitor or TV that supports VESA mounts – perfect for tillpoints where a visible PC isn’t a desirable feature, or as the brains behind the content displayed on a digital signboard.

And as this is a barebones system, it can be upgraded at a later stage with additional RAM (up to 16GB) or an additional 2.5-inch hard drive should your performance and storage requirements change.

Classy credentials

Ultimately the UN45 carries a lot of appeal as it looks really classy, it’s low on power consumption, it’s quiet, but also powerful enough to stream 4K video and do a bit of work on.

With all it has to offer, the ASUS VivoMini UN45 is fantastic solution as a PC intended for general business and home use.

For more information on the UN45 Mini PC (including pricing), check it out on the WebAntics website.

[su_box title=”Specifications” box_color=”#f37021″]

  • Powered by Intel’s quad-core Celeron N3150 @ up to 2.08GHz
  • 2GB system RAM (up to 16GB) DDR3L RAM
  • 32GB (up to 128GB) M.2 SSD storage, 100 GB ASUS Webstorage for 1 year
  • Room for an additional 2.5-inch hard drive
  • AC-class WiFi, gigabit Ethernet
  • Windows 10 Home
  • USB 3.0 ports x 2 (front)
  • USB 3.1 ports x 2 (rear)
  • HDMI, D-Sub or MiniDP video outputs