This 3D print of Soraka from League of Legends features a light up base

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The League of Legends 3D prints we’ve featured in the past have taken the form of 1:1 scale weapons in Sejuani’s flail and Katarina’s daggers, so let’s look at something smaller in this miniature of Soraka.

Maker Bence Szabó is to thank for this beautiful project, which could easily be mistaken for a product figurine. He tells us that he chose Soraka as it’s his girlfriend’s favourite character.

The modelling work here was done in a combination of ZBrush and 123D in a process that took around 60 hours. Szabó says that this was his first time ever working in any kind of CAD software, so much of that time was spent learning the software.

Once done Soraka was sliced into ten smaller pieces for easier printing with less support material. Once printed and glued back together, this stands 18 inches / 46 centimetres tall.

After much sanding acrylics were used to finally give the print some colour. The staff and the base, however, were done with spray paint.

That base is a feature here as, aside from sporting the League of Legends logo, it also lights up thanks to a couple of LEDs and three AAA batteries.

Those looking to make their own version of this project, light up or otherwise, can find the files to do so available for free over on Thingiverse.

As one of his first cracks at the hobby we’re beyond impressed with Szabó’s work here. He ends saying that it is helpful learning about how printers work, which reiterates the fact that the best way to get making is just to start, even if your first results don’t look as professional as this.

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