More than 246 million games have been bought on the Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo’s financial quarter ended in September, and the Japanese company has released its financial results for the time period.

If you’re actually looking to invest in the company you’ll of course want to comb through the numbers, but for the rest of us these results are an interesting look into how the company is doing, especially in relation to their latest console.

In that department the Nintendo Switch, as of September 2019, has shipped 41.67 million consoles and 246.01 million games have been sold on the platform.

To supplement that latter number up to date figures on first party game sales have also been provided. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe finishes first with 19.01 million, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate second with 15.71 million, and Super Mario Odyssey third at 15.38 million.

Let’s Go, Pikachu! / Let’s Go, Eevee! ranks right in the middle, claiming the fifth spot at 11.28 million. It’s worth mentioning this game as the new Pokémon titles Sword and Shield are launching soon. These, maybe more so than any other entries in the franchise, have been maligned by the community for multiple reasons including lack of innovation and a large number of missing Pokémon.

Come Nintendo’s next quarterly financial results, we have to wonder if Sword and Shield will be included in the top ten list. While we only mentioned four of the top ten listings, the rest can be found here.

Going back to hardware Nintendo also provides a prediction for Switch sales come that end of the next quarter, which is March next year. 18 million more Nintendo Switch units are expected to be shipped by then. That may seem like a massive jump, but Black Friday and the Holidays are coming up, meaning lots of opportunities to move consoles. This season of expected sales should also be bolstered by the Switch Lite, which Nintendo did not have on sale in previous financial quarters.

While these numbers are impressive, they don’t mean much without a point of comparison. Thankfully Nintendo keeps tabs on all of their consoles and you can see the hardware and software sales of the last five below.

When looking at these number it’s important to remember that the Switch is going up against lifetime sales of famous consoles which have been around for much longer. These comparisons aren’t exactly fair until the Switch is retired and replaced, but it does give a good indication of how the console is performing after being out since March 2017.

Nintendo Switch

  • Consoles sold: 41.67 million
  • Games sold: 246.01 million

Nintendo 3DS

  • Consoles sold: 75.45 million
  • Games sold: 380.72 million

Wii U

  • Consoles sold: 13.56 million
  • Games sold: 102.96 million


  • Consoles sold: 101.63 million
  • Games sold: 921.19 million

Nintendo DS

  • Consoles sold: 154.02 million
  • Games sold: 948.69 million
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