There’s a Seagate BarraCuda drive for everyone and everything

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It seems like every year you need more storage in different form factors and 2020 was a bumper year in that regard as your home office – and likely your home PC – suddenly became your regular office and your work PC.

If you’ve been on the hunt for more storage during this transitional period you may have found yourself lost in the countless brands and models, but thankfully there’s one household name in storage with a singular line of devices to offer you everything you need.

That company is Seagate and its BarraCuda line of drives run the gamut of price, capacity, form factor and speed to offer you absolutely everything you need. The BarraCuda name brings you the assurance of Seagate and its 40 years of experience in the world of storage as well as shared features such as Rescue Data Recovery Plans and the SeaTools free software suit to keep your investments healthy, so let’s see what’s on offer today.

First up is the workhorse of the storage world: the good old 3.5 inch hard disk drive (HDD). There’s a reason this kind of drive has remained popular after all these years with unparalleled value when it comes to price per GB. No matter what you’re storing in bulk – pictures, music, games, movies and more – you can cram it into a massive BarraCuda HDD.

If you want large, affordable storage of an HDD in a smaller package, well then that’s available too. The BarraCuda range also includes HDDs in the 2.5 inch form factor. This makes them perfect for internal storage in devices such as notebooks, as well as external storage you can take around with you. The 2.5 inch HDD option is really the go to when it comes to large capacity while on the go without breaking the bank.

But, when speed is what you need, it’s time to go for a solid state drive (SSD). These kinds of drives used to be priced into the stratosphere but have come down so much in previous years that you can bring more speed into your digital life for reasonable money.

If you want a bump in performance the BarraCuda SATA SSDs can give that too, retaining the 2.5 inch size that is so popular still in all manner of devices. This is really a plug and play answer to your storage needs that still conforms to all the same connectors and housings of years past.

Then, if you want the top of the line speed, there’s BarraCuda M.2 SSDs. Not every device on the market right now supports these and the NVMe interface just yet, but for those that do, the ultimate experience is waiting for them. It’s the top of the pile when it comes to speed while also being the physically smallest drive type. It’s the perfect little package for those who want to splurge.

The beauty of the BarraCuda line also exists in a blended approach. Our favourite way to build a great gaming desktop PC, for example, is with an extremely fast SSD for the boot drive and programmes we use every day, paired with a larger capacity HDD for monster-sized games, long term storage and those programmes that we only use occasionally.

Approaches like this give you the perfect blend of speed and price and the range of BarraCuda sizes in HDDs and SSDs means we can spec the storage size as we like.

If you’re in the market for a storage upgrade, replacement, expansion or anything else, give the Seagate BarraCuda family a try by going to Wootware. 



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