When you buy the vivo V30 5G, you get R7999 worth of bonuses

You may already know that the vivo V30 5G made landfall in South Africa on 18th April but what you may not know is the amazing added value that vivo is giving to South African customers.

Apart from picking up an amazing phone that pushes the boundaries of what a phone can be, especially in the photography department with the innovative Aura Light, vivo is adding even more to the deal with a bundle of extras.

The first of these is the high wattage charger included with the phone. As other companies are removing chargers and making them a separate purchase, your vivo V30 5G has it included. This is the amazingly powerful 80W FlashCharge that can fill up the large 5 000 mAh battery from zero to 100 percent in just 48 minutes.

The battery is the second area where vivo is giving South Africans more in a four year battery warranty. Within four years of buying this phone (1 460 calendar days from the date of activation) you are entitled to a free battery replacement if your battery capacity has fallen below 80 percent. That’s right: vivo is so confident in their battery tech that they are standing by it retaining most of its capacity and health after so many years of usage.

Also on the warranty side is coverage for your screen. Customers get one free screen replacement within a year so your brand new phone stays brand new, even if there’s an accident. The battery and the screen are the two most sensitive areas of any phone, so for vivo to provide protections for both is a massive boost of confidence.

But the freebies and value adds don’t stop there. The vivo V30 5G also comes bundled with the Zeblaze GTR 3 Pro smartwatch through MTN, Cell C and Telkom. The smart watch, charger and battery + screen protections all up up to a value of R7 999 which is a huge amount of money in a vacuum, but an even better deal considering that you need to do nothing else to unlock it, aside from picking this phone up today.

The vivo V30 5G is available to buy right now from all your favourite retailers with a RRP of R19 999. You can also pick your new vivo up on contract from South Africa’s leading service providers who have worked with vivo to bring the phone to as many people as possible.

If you missed our previous article going into the features of the vivo V30 5G, let’s do a quick recap.

vivo V30 5G
Display6.78″ FullHD+ (2800×1260)
ProcessorOcta-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 3
RAM12GB (+12 GB expandable)
Battery5 000mAh
Rear Camera50MP wide-angle, 50MP ultra-wide angle, 2MP macro
Front Camera50MP selfie
RRPR19 999
ColoursWaving Aqua, Noble Black

We recently got our hands on the vivo V30 5G in a launch event in Joburg and we can report on the quality of the fit and finish of the phone, as well as the two great colour options available.

We have to make mention of the special Waving Aqua which uses a Rippling Magnetic Particle Process to create the distinctive ripple pattern on the back of the phone. This is something you have to experience in person to fully appreciate so we recommend getting down to a store that stocks the vivo V30 5G to see it yourself.

Also on the back of the phone – and also worth seeing in person – is the Aura Light. This is a built-in ring light gives you lighting that is not only much brighter than a standard flash, but also much softer. This combination, with vivo’s enhanced camera software and the high resolution camera array, makes for some of the best pictures you can get from a phone. 

With innovation like this in content creation, superb content consumption with that brilliant AMOLED screen and the generous R7 999 value of the included bonuses, the vivo V30 5G has already proved itself as a frontrunner in the 2024 smartphone game.


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