Standard Bank joins the Windows Phone app club

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Standard Bank has launched its banking application on the Windows Phone 8 platform. Standard Bank is only the second of South Africa’s four largest banks to have launched their banking application on the Windows Phone 8 platform after FNB launched its application at the end of October.

More and more key applications for consumers are coming to Windows Phone platform, including the big announcement at Nokia World that Instagram will be coming to Windows Phone in the coming weeks. The addition of not only big name international applications, but also the key local applications like that of the Standard Bank app have gone a long way to eliminating the gap in applications that could potentially dissuade users from choosing a Windows Phone device over similarly priced Android competition.

Windows Phone 8 is gaining traction as the third major smartphone ecosystem globally with serious market share gains in countries like Italy (13.7%), France (10.7%), and the UK (11.4%). In fact estimates from Steven Ambrose of Strategy Worx show that there are around  450 000 Windows Phone devices in South Africa.

You can download the Standard Bank app for Windows Phone devices from the Windows Phone marketplace for free.

David Greenway

David Greenway

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