The PS4 vs. Xbox One resolution question answered by Twitter

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An enterprising Twitter user, @Shane_Stocks, has put together a list of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games that shows what resolution each runs at. It’s made up of game resolutions that are both confirmed and rumoured.

With the drama around which console has more power a hot topic of internet debate and speculation, this list shows quite comprehensively that the PlayStation 4’s hardware has a bit more oomph than Microsoft’s Xbox One, as there are only two games in the PS4’s line-up that don’t run at 1080p.

The Xbox One, on the other hand, only has six of its 17 games running at 1080p, with the others a mix of 900p, 720p and 792p.

It also shows the frame rates that each developer has targeted. You’ll notice that some game studios have sacrificed on frame rate (a game’s perceived smoothness) in order to improve how things look, while others have sacrificed elsewhere (usually in the graphics quality department) in order to keep their games moving at a brisk 60 frames per second.

Don’t take that to mean that those sacrifices are stupid, and that the developers should have done something else, though. The Xbox One’s Forza 5, for instance, isn’t as graphically complex as a game like The Witcher 3 that has to constantly render ever-changing and highly-detailed environments, so Forza 5 can afford to target 60 frames per second without sacrificing on the quality of its looks.

Below you’ll find the tweet Shane Stocks sent out, with the list of games and their assorted figures. Clearly, the PlayStation 4 is the more capable console.

So while the Xbox One isn’t yet in South Africa, perhaps it’s a little heartening to know that we at least got the better of the two first in terms of pure horsepower.

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Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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