Romanticising Roger Wilco

Many of my childhood memories are virtual. I spent my days exploring the kingdom of Daventry, playing Astro Chicken at Monolith Burger and trying not to buy any “fine leather jackets.” Once a year I would upwrap something special from Sierra and then spend my weekends at Incredible Connection (I didn’t even have dial-up back […]

3LCD projector technology vs. DLP

Projectors are fantastic educational, business and entertainment tools that can make school lessons, business presentations and movies so much better by displaying them on the nearest wall that’s far bigger than any screen. When it comes to projector technology, two standards compete for your money: Texas Instruments’ DLP and Epson’s 3LCD. DLP stands for Digital […]

The Batmobile is driveable in the next Batman game

Yesterday saw the announcement of the next Batman game, titled Batman: Arkham Knight. It’s coming later this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but more important than the game’s existence is the fact that for the first time in the Arkham series, the Batmobile will be driveable. That’s because Arkham Knight is going to have […]