More #NekNomination love spreading, courtesy of Ricoh

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Remember the #NekNomination craze of a couple of weeks’ ago and how South Africans subverted the online drinking game to challenge each other to do good? Another company has got in on the act, Ricoh South Africa.

Ricoh took on a #NekNomination challenge from Nandos and brought water to cattle at The Love of Christ (TLC) Ministries.

Ricoh has apparently been involved with TLC in various ways for 15 years, but as part of teh #NekNomination challenge helped to build a water pipeline required to feed cattle and security horses that are helping TLC’s homestead to become self-sufficient.

Ricoh SA employees dug a trench for TLC and assisted in laying the water pipe. It was a small but extremely necessary act to ensure that TLC can minimise overheads and maximise returns from its small but highly dedicated staff as it provides for the needs of more than 30 infants to three years old.

“We wanted to make a difference in their lives but also to ensure that this was a lasting impact,” says Esti Kilian, national head of marketing services and corporate social marketing at Ricoh SA.

Watch Ricoh SA’s #NekNomination video below: