Sniper game lets you hunt 3 Hitlers if you pre-order

If you pre-order Sniper Elite III, you’re going to get a bonus mission that lets you kill der Führer. Again. But this time, you’re not going after just one Hitler, you’ll have to hunt down three of them: the real deal and two doppelgangers. Check out the preview trailer:

The bonus mission is called Hunt the Grey Wolf, and according to Polygon it will feature an open-world environment, with all three Hitlers on the loose at the same time. It will be up to the player to study each one carefully, listen to the clues that are provided and go after the right one. 505 Games, the developer behind the title says that the mission will play differently each time it is played, as character positions are randomised at the start. Sounds intriguing, no?

I loved Sniper Elite V2, and I was very happy when I saw the trailer for number three earlier this year. You remember, the one that showed off a new kill-cam for cars:

Sniper Elite III is out on June 27, 2014 for all major platforms.

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